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2015 is all set to go down in the history of Internet revolution as the year of ‘true globalization’. You will need to prepare yourself well in advance, if you wish to jump on the bandwagon. Let us explore the 3 reasons why ‘now’ is the time to kick-start a physical product business online.

  • Easy Entree: There is a company that can afford you with the online platform to launch the product, no head-scratching to get your product on the shelves. Don’t worry about those promotions to bring in traffic, they already have startling traffic daily. This company has grown ten times over last ten years and it has just registered over $88 billion in revenue last year.
  • True Globalization: This same company just pumped in $2 billion in India.
  • Era of Innovation and Growth: This company is persistently pushing innovation and growth, which has made it grow at nearly 20% per year
Any guesses ?

Yes, it’s, Inc.

If you’re really thinking about building a successful business now, you need to be watching this company.

Here are just a few projects Amazon that will revolutionize the way the world does business

  • Drone package delivery (Sci-fi ? No, this is a REAL world)
  • Brand new online marketplace for products produced by startups
  • New store on one of China’s largest eCommerce platforms, Tmall

The giganticpotency created by Amazon is converging with something else that’s been evolving for years...

In the not so long past, if you had a product idea for making a physical product and wanted to produce that product and sell it, it was a task next to impossible until you have had deep, deep pockets. The time, effort, and money you’d have to exhaust working with manufacturing middlemen was totallycrushing for most people.

Need More.

Here you go.

The multi-billion dollar Chinese multinational, Alibaba, has nearly independently changed that forever.

You may contact unlimited suppliers right in China from Alibaba’s website within a jiffy. You can exactly source a product for your new business in not more than 10 minutes now.

And as these suppliers are getting more and more proficient dealing with people from other countries they are helping to create and offer new products. It is getting easier, faster, and cheaper with every passing day.

So the time is ripe if you had been dreaming about launching a physical product. You just need an idea and a small capital. The hassles of setting up big machines, finding middleman, creating a supply chain and finally getting a right marketplace are all sorted out by the Internet and Digital revolution.

But once your business grows past the start-up phase and expands, you may find some limitations cropping up especially with using the shared platform to sell like Amazon. The need of the hour for a startup may be global access with minimal investment but the needs change once you have an established business. You will need a personal mobile application, own website and an e-commerce portal as you will look to target a specific segment of customers. At that juncture, a targeted and focused approach is more beneficial than the global reach of the shared e-commerce portal.

Till then ride the wave and surf to success.

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