Starting a business is like batting in England in overcast conditions


I am a big cricket buff. While setting up the business of Webfries and Saymedi, I have some unusual findings which can relate to cricket!!

Starting a business is like batting in England in overcast conditions. When you come out to bat, the ball would bounce, swing and seam. The batsmen would try to make contact but would end up playing and missing and all the opponents around would be laughing and saying “oohh that was so close”. But if you can negotiate the first hour, the sun would come out, the new ball would lose its shine and suddenly it would become a much better wicket to bat on and if the batsman is determined, he’ll end up raising his bat to acknowledge the crowd.

Oh, this situation is faced by most of the young entrepreneurs, when you get into the business, situations are against you; to grab & deliver first few cases are tough. You try to get catch hold of all the opportunities, missing lot of those and create chances in some. Your competitors don’t perceive you as a serious threat.

Persistence is the key at this point of time; don’t lose a sight of your goal. If first few months you can tide through and learning all the way, guess what, you will start understanding the playing field. Situation will change dramatically. You keep on delivering orders and it gives the confidence to overcome all challenges like a veteran and you will surely emerge as a winner in the end.

Conceptualized by Ashrey Dhawan (Founder –

Happy reading – Cheers
- Gaurav Mehrotra (CEO – Webfries, Founder – Saymedi)

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