Color your Balance sheet : How colors can give your Business An Edge


Your office is about to get a new coat of paint or your retail space is undergoing redesigning, there are lots of thing to keep in mind and your facilities department is in constant touch with the vendor to get the job done. Is that really about this only ? There is one very important factor that is often overlooked. It is the color, itself.

The color use choose can actually pave the road for you to reach your business goals. Color greatly impact human emotion and behaviour. If you are still not able solve to riddle of making your workers more productive, or encouraging shoppers to spend a little bit more money, the basics of color psychology is the answer. It is the key to unlock your real potential.


Color psychology is the study of color as a basis of human behaviour. Color can indeed effect a person, however it is important to mark that these effects differ between from one person to another. Factors such as gender, age, and culture have an influence on how an individual perceives color. The model of color psychology is based on six basic principles:

  • Color carries particular meaning.
  • Color meaning is either based in induced meaning or biologically inborn meaning.
  • The perception of a color causes assessment automatically by the person observing.
  • The assessment process triggers color-motivated behaviour.
  • Color generally exerts its influence automatically.
  • Color meaning and effect can be fully understood within a context only.

Colors Change People’s Perception of Temperature

The color of a wall can essentially alter how a person perceives the temperature. Warm colors, such as red, orange and yellow would cause people to feel that the temperature in the room is warmer than it actually is. While, the cool colors, such as green,blue and light purple cause people to think that the temperature is colder.

This effect can be tactically used by you to reduce the heating and cooling costs. For example, if you live in colder places, painting an entryway with a warm color will cause people to think your building is a few degrees warmer. This may reduce the size of hole in your pockets through which you pay your energy bills to keep your office warm.

Evoke Emotional Responses

Color goes a good way to evoke similar emotional responses in most people. Though, there aren’t always universal truths when it comes to color. People from different cultures may have different feelings and emotions about certain colors. Also, the past experience of an individual can affect feelings. You may abhor a particular shade of blue for example, because it reminds you of an allergy medicine that was shoved down your throat every day as a child. Despite the few exceptions, the basic generalities and guidelines could be laid down about how particular colors conjure specific emotional and behavioural responses.

Colors can actually send your brain for a toss

The mixing and playing with different colors create very powerful illusions that can toast or roast your brain.

The illusions created by combinations of colors can deceive the viewer and that can work to your advantage, if used cleverly. But they can also cause unfortunate effects if you don’t look for trap


In this picture, the two bows are exactly the same color, but because the surrounding areas are strikingly different in contrast, it seems to our eyes and brain that they are different.

So, now since you are convinced about the effects that colors may have, please come back again as we will explore the actual effects, the particular color has and how you can use them to your advantage. We call this ‘color your balance sheet’ effect !!!

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