What's brewing in Delhi ?? A Change??

Delhi Election

Last week we got the much expected and awaited news of Kiran Bedi joining Politics (at last!!!). The move was on the cards anyways and it was just a matter of time. She is now openly pitched against Kejriwal, whom she criticized for choosing the way of politics to mend the system. Now, both the crusaders of 'corruption-free India' have drawn their swords at each other . But if we remove this lid of confrontation, we could smell something brewing in Delhi. Did someone say 'change'?

AAP is undoubtedly, the initiator of this change. Their success in last elections rang alarm bells to the old hawks holding forte the flying flag of Conventional politics. And now a main political party is being seen taking cover behind another crusader to escape the on-coming fire from the first. Doesn't this smell like a change??

Both Kiran and Kejri, come from the Same school and the same Guru . And to some extent match each other in temperament too. Both are aggressive and authoritative. Both have same vision. Much like the mythological, Karan & Arjun (Please put to use your own perception and political inclination to figure out who is Karan & who is Arjun, I would not like an arrow pointed at my bottom). Though the "Mahabharta' of Delhi will decide the winner amongst the duo, one thing is for sure that things will not remain the same. A new dawn confirming to the aspirations of often Over-looked, middle-class is surely around the corner. This 'mahabharat' is sure to take its toll on the conventional and through- bred politicians , who will be reduced to street-dogs and a totally new species of 'Technocratic' politicians would take over. Isn't this what you call a 'change' ?

Thus, Delhi is set to play a captain’s innings as far as Indian Politics is concerned. Whoever emerges victorious, some old ways are sure to be defeated. Ah ! Change at last

But we all should keep in mind one more change

"Politicians and diapers should be CHANGED often, for similar reasons"

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