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We often hear ourselves while consoling others to “Believe in yourself!” or “Learn to love yourself!”, but how many of us actually follow the act?

Here is a heart warming story of whom you may consider as nobody. Two students, Fahim and Tauseef, who like other boys, would struggle to get through their studies with meager means. Residents from Dharavi, which is famously known as the largest slum of Asia, rose above the mindsets of just being from a slum .

It is their out of the box idea which gave birth to “Be the locals” tours, which recognizes Dharavi as Asia’s largest small scale industry. You may think as to who would think of visiting a slum area? This is where having the right attitude helps. Things are not always the same as they seem from the outside. Seeing the inner beauty may sometimes surprise you. And this is what the team at Be the Locals do. The aim is to provide insight with a sense of companionship and eventually guests take away the most realistic experience as they get the locals as their guide. Be the locals not only attracts students from business schools and architectural colleges but visitors from all around the globe.

How did this happen? To come up with an idea like that requires something. And that something immense respect and love for your roots. Fahim and Tauseef loved Dharavi, their birth place, for what it is. They give a strong message to the world that Dharavi is just not a place to be pitied for, or to be feared or for that matter filmed only to showcase the poor state of affairs. It is a world where dreams come true and impossible becomes possible.

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