Diwali Rebranded


Diwali in India has is the most celebrated festival amongst all the others. It is the Christmas of India. We all know the religious significance behind this festival, but does it only remain celebrating Rama’s return to his rightful kingdom?

While complying with my daily ritual of checking my newsfeed on facebook, I now a see a different trend of celebrating this glorious festival. As a child, the one thing we looked forward were fire crackers, something which is slowly losing its face. People are going the eco way. Discouraging usage of fire crackers is being heavily promoted. I also advocate pollution free Diwali now as it’s truly need of the day. Markets nowadays are flooded with idols and firecrackers made in China which wasn’t the case at all till few years back. Alas! Wish Indian companies only gets the complete market share.

Diwali is a good time for corporate world too. Companies re-connect with their customers renewing their relations. The film industry is releasing some of its biggest budgets during this time of the year. The politicians too have BIG reasons to celebrate this Diwali. A very well strategic plan if I may say so. Google reported a surge for “online shopping” queries, as users have become increasingly dependent on e-commerce websites saving them the time and effort. The complete landscape around the festival Diwali is changing. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc is pulling the business out from the hands of brick and mortar companies, this being the most brisk business period across the year, normal retailers are taking the brunt. Who would have thought 10 years back, purchases during Diwali will be done sitting at home/ office.

In order to keep with the mood of the festivities some die hard habits are still entact, people still like to indulge in “taash” parties, societies organizing Diwali Melas, which gives a good opportunity for friends and family to take some time off their busy schedules.

Still get a nostalgia during Diwali fest… Don’t know how Diwali will be celebrated in 2024!! E-firecracker way?

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- Gaurav Mehrotra (CEO – Webfries, Founder – Saymedi)

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