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Social media and technology have transformed into the new-age superheroes that have mind-boggling powers which when used properly will have an incredible effect on your business. Enough to cement a brand’s complete attribute and temperament whereas giving a platform of engagement with customers, each will boost sales and promotional activities and produce unmatched results.

In recent years, ‘The Year of the Mobile’ has been predestinated, surpassing expectations with every passing year and to grow into a very powerful tool and a must have in the marketer’s chest.

With the mighty handheld device finding its way into almost every customer’s hand, one of the things they will most likely do whenever they will have next look at their phone is to check their text messages and then have a surf through their social media accounts.

So however will a business harness the facility of those 2 selling giants?

The solution lies in not treating them as separate entities however as one single big giant. With a sturdy brand message which could be easily distributed on various platforms, you could make them spread from one platform to another, like a wildfire.

Thus, a successful brand strategy views Social Media and Handheld devices as one single opportunity and the marketing campaign should be devised to harness its power to the fullest.

. Let’s take an example of marketing strategy of a retail store promoting in-store products:
  • Develop a text or graphic that is consistent during the course of the campaign message and promotion.
  • Get a mobile marketing account with a virtual mobile number which easily pinpoints your business or brand and allows your consumers to respond or contact you via SMS.

Integrating your mobile campaign with Facebook


Have a look at this post. It is immaculately designed to generate more likes for your Facebook page as well as features a voucher code that has to be used in a text message. Now, as the post spreads around the social media platform, more and more targeted customers will send text messages to generate offer code and this will in-turn help you build up a database of mobile numbers of interested customers for future mobile marketing campaigns of news and offers.

Integrating your mobile campaign with Twitter

The Twitter posting for your campaign will include a similar text to your Facebook post; however the 140 character limit will mean a slight modification and will call for making the message more crisp:


Encourage people to Follow and Retweet (RT) as this will help to increase brand and business mobile number awareness. If you have enough characters remaining using a hashtag (#) can also be good option as it creates a viral following for fans


Supporting mobile marketing Strategy

As mobile phones are a personal device, the messages on mobile call for to be written on a more As mobile phones are a personal device, the messages on mobile call for to be written on a more personal level as it helps to avoid damaging the rapport between customers and the business.

The opening line should be an attention grabber. It should engage a customer enough to read on and then follows, a simple, strong and convincing offer to entice customers with a clear-cut call to action:


Humour, originality or answering a question are general rules to follow:


A URL link to your website or contact phone number is always a good thing to put in your text message.


A final thought…

As a generation gripped with mobiles, (literally) and social media, this love affair with smartphones is the seamless opportunity to connect and engage with your client base. Mobile marketing and social media marketing are the perfect couple that complements any business marketing campaign, offering convenient and comfortable communication channels.

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