We are not God loving people, we are God fearing people


The incident of the recent self proclaimed Godman, reassured the fact that “We are not God loving people, we are God fearing people” Yes, you must have heard this line in a popular movie. And that’s proof enough that people are not unaware about the authenticity of such self stylized babas.

There are thousands out there who have devoted their entire time and money to a man who himself wouldn’t know what tomorrow holds for him considering that he is currently behind bars. When an evaluation of his wealth came out, the realization saddened me that we have indeed taken the law and more importantly each other for granted.

A closer look in to our belief system tells us that the act of “daan” or “donation” will bring us closer to prosperity. The question here arises who is in the need of this daan? Is it the hungry dog sitting outside my house, or children who are left in orphanages, or a man sitting in a comfortable room giving the gyaan of life?

Giving beggary to children or adults is not daan (Actual handicapped cases can be exceptions). Instead encouraging them to study, or better, taking them to the nearest government school can be considered a daan. We need to open our eyes, and see the truth in front of us. It is right there. The day we choose to see the truth and stop lying to ourselves, we will have no need of a Godman.

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