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Let’s understand the advantages of using Bootstrap!

Acceptability of mobile phones is growing at an exponential rate, technology is evolving at the same or rather faster rate to allow this switch over from desktop machines to handheld devices. In this leap, web development is also improving at a rapid pace and bootstrap framework is leading the pack in innovations. It’s a front-end web designing technology using HTML, CSS and very own JavaScript. It is evolved into an open-source technology with a great support base. In a layman’s language, bootstrap technology allows website and app to be responsive across different devices.

It will need one complete article to touch upon the technology part, we will do that as well in our future set of articles. In this blog, let’s check out the amazing benefits of the Bootstrap Framework in web development:

1. It can’t get easier!

The main aspect of why its acceptability is so good. There is a lot of ease in using bootstrapping technology in website designing and development. The process/ flow is quite straight forward. Even if it’s a new framework for you, learning can be a smooth ride.

2. Integration is quite straight forward

The bootstrap framework can seamlessly work with the majority of frameworks quite easily. You can devise any of those pre-defined Bootstrap classes by skipping the markups.

3. Speed is need of the day

There is so much agility offered using the bootstrap. It’s much faster to build a website from scratch using bootstrap technology. Standard readymade coding blocks are available, the site is built on top of that building blocks. Since responsiveness and cross-browser functionality comes inherent, hence lot of time is saved in this part as well.

4. Support of Grids

Bootstrap layout supports the 12 column grid style. Grid supports responsiveness, offset and nested elements.

5. Sticking to the roots

HTML forms the basic designing framework hence it’s a powerful package which deals with images, forms, typography, etc. There are so many functions that are pre-defined and readymade like menu bars, alerts, navigation, etc.

6. JavaScript Components are icing on the cake

You don’t need the knowledge of scripting; JavaScript components are available in plenty and add functionality easily.

7. The support base is tremendous

Technology has been accepted so widely that now a very strong support base is available online. Solutions to the queries are available and documentation is quite tremendous. It offers the solution to beginners and veterans alike.

8. Totally customizable

Bootstrap is a developer-friendly framework, based on the project need it can offer the appropriate solutions. CSS, utilities, components, and JavaScript weaves the magic and makes life so much easier of the developer.: Grid systems, typography, tables, print media styles, forms, code, buttons, etc.

9. It is Responsive

The bootstrap framework supports a fluid grid layout. It’s a fully responsive platform. It sets the web design as per the dimensions of the device.

10. Consistency

If you check the website or app made with bootstrap technology, you would get the feeling of thorough consistency across.

11. Regular updates

Frequent updates keep on coming which makes the entire eco-system robust and as per the time.

With this we come to an end of this very useful article, if you are looking for a web development firm in Gurgaon which specializes in the bootstrap framework based website, Reach us on www.webfries.com | +91 124-4382-633.



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