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Your website is very attractive and you have awesome newsletters to share every month however challenge you to face is that you don’t have enough email IDs subscribed on the site. Reasons? Are you offering enough freebies which tempt the potential readers to subscribe for the newsletter? Are you providing temptations like some important download, usage of calculator, report or a promo code for discount? Tangential advantage of such subscriptions is that it helps in brand recall as week after week or month after month they are seeing your name in the inbox and secondly you get loyal customers in this fashion which translates into revenue sooner or later.

Time has become important, you have a few seconds to grab the attention and make sure that visitor should be attracted to subscribe for the newsletter. A signup incentive makes it slightly easier to execute the task.

It has been seen that the below practice helps in increasing the visitors on your site quite significantly. Let’s understand the ways by which you can make sure to grasp the understanding of what the customer needs from the site.

Think like an end-user

Think as if you are the end-user and visit the site, what do you like to see which will attract you to drop your mail ID in a subscription box. Is it your differentiator? If it’s available across several sites, there are a high possibility visitors wouldn’t share their details. Also, you need to ask yourself if it’s a potent solution to the questions for which end users are visiting your site.

Understand your Audience need

It’s important to understand your audience, do due diligence to identify where they search for information, which competitors are satisfying their knowledge needs, what trending topics they are interested to read. All this information and more help you in understanding your potential customers better.

Get socially connected

Understand the audience behavior by tracking them on social media, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be of big help in this. This will allow you to include content on your website which will attract visitors on the site and prompt them to sign up with you.

Engage your Customers

Keep content on the site interactive. Keep talking to your customers. A survey can be conducted also questions at the end of a blog is another way to keep the channel open with your customers.

Get an idea on What People Search

Quora is good resource in which you can identify visitors who are searching for what?

Direct Customer interactions

Direct customer interviews can take you a long way, it gives the fair assessment.

With the above tips, you can filter the exact answer for which visitors have queries. It will help you get the visitors on board.

Prepare your content in a concise PDF format and make sure to take the visitors’ email ID before allowing them to download the file. Add this file on you landing webpage today and start building your email list.

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