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7 Simple but Effective Ways to Get your Site Visitors to Convert

Very often, we come across several website or e-commerce store owners, who are all sailing in the same boat – their traffic numbers are high, but their conversion numbers are at rock-bottom. What’s wrong? Irrespective of the traffic your site pulls in, ultimately it’s the conversion rate that matters.

Ok, let’s explain that with a quick example. Imagine you have an online store that attracts over 10,000 visitors every month. But, your conversion numbers are just 1.2 percent. This means you make 120 sales every month via your e-commerce store.

On the other hand, let’s say your competitor just pulls in half of your traffic – 5000 visitors every month. But, has a conversion rate of 3%. This means he makes 150 sales every month, with just half your visitor count.

This example proves that while website traffic is essential, it’s only a part of the success equation. What matters more, is the conversion.

In today’s post, we take a look at the top ways to convert your website traffic, improve leads, drive up sales and ultimately increase your revenue. Without further delay, let’s get started!

Before, we take a look at the tips, let’s do a Quick,

3-Second Test

Wear your customer hat and take a look at your website or e-commerce store from the perspective of a new customer, who visits your page. Ask yourself these two questions:
Will customers be able to find what your page is all about within three sectors that lands on your site come with a price tag attached to them. Whether Web design company in Salem they arrived on your site as a result of your Pay-per-click ads or organic search, you have invested time and money on the visitor to get them there. So, it’s essential that you get the most out of your efforts. The best way to achieve this is by keeping the conversion process as simple as possible. This catering company site is a perfect example of a simplified conversion process. They provide visitors with several options for converting. Their Whatsapp number is displayed prominently on the top of the screen, and just below that is the “Contact Us” form where the customers can send in their queries via email. Additionally, the click to call button is also prominently displayed so that customers can easily call the team to discuss their specific requirements. Remember, that most people today browse sites from their mobile screens. So, it’s essential that you have a responsive website design – that fits perfectly on devices of all sizes.

Make Testimonials and Reviews Visible Easily

While purchasing online, customers don’t have the facility to feel and touch a product before they make their decision. They want to feel confident about your business, before clicking on the “Add to Cart” button or contacting you. This Website design company in Tirunelveli is where customer reviews and testimonials come into the picture. Genuine Feedback from previous clients plays a crucial role in boosting your conversion rates.

It’s essential that reviews and testimonials are placed on spots of your site that is visible to all. This way they can quickly go through these, before making a decision. Let’s illustrate this with another real-life example.

If you check this site, that sells craft beer equipment to breweries, you can see the list of previous clients displayed prominently on the bottom of the page. What more, by segregating the client list based on the city, the site owners further their credibility. Also, right above the client list, is the awards won by the business. This further improves the trustworthiness of the business.

Make sure that any such information is displayed prominently on your site. You don’t want your customers to get frustrated searching for these. Instead, place it directly in front of them.

Call to Action button directly in front of Visitors

When a visitor arrives on your site, you have an SEO company in Tirunelveli to get their attention and get them to do your preferred action. And, if you miss out on this golden window, they are likely to bounce back and hit the dreaded “back” button. Or worse still, they could end up landing on your competitor’s page.

By placing your call to action button directly in front of your customers, so that they don’t miss it, you improve your chances of getting them to convert. If you take a look at this site, for amicable marital separation, you can see their mobile number displayed prominently in the center of the page. Additionally, the online chat button is visible right at the corner of the page.

With that said, you need to take care to ensure that you have displayed the right call-to-button on your page. The wrong action button, even if it’s displayed prominently won’t give you the desired results. For instance, if in the example above, the site uses an offer to join their newsletter instead of the chat button to talk with divorce experts, it won’t work to their benefit.

Be Straightforward and Transparent with your Visitors

Okay, today’s tech-savvy customers are highly smart and intuitive. They can spot fluff and bull-shit from a mile away. And, when it comes to online shopping, they are highly protective of their personal and credit card information. If they feel that your website compromises their safety in any way, you can be pretty sure that they will run away and never come back.

Let us explain this with an example. It’s now very common for all websites to request email addresses of an SEO agency in Madurai site visitors. But, no one likes to hand their emails without any explanation. Today, customers want to know the specific benefits they are likely to get before they sign up for something. After all, no one wants any more spam.

If you send them a weekly newsletter when they provide their email address on your site, let them know. Also, if you will be handing out special offers, discounts and other promotions from time to time, via email, make that clear to your customers.

When you ensure that you’re clear in your communications and intent, your customer conversion rates not only increase, but you get the relevant traffic as customers know exactly what they get from you.

Aim for a Simple, Clutter-free Design

Simple is always better. With a simple, clutter-free design, the average visitor knows what to do on your site exactly. He/she doesn’t feel stressed trying to navigate through your site. With fewer distractions, you can get your visitors to reach for the call-to-action button faster than ever before.

Even if you deal with a complicated product or service, it’s essential that you simplify it in terms of design. For instance, check out this site on Décor Slim stone veneers. Though most customers are unfamiliar with the product, the simple design and effective product images and videos available on the site, make it simple for customers to understand more about the product.

Years, ago businesses tried to pull in customers with over-the-top flash animations and sophisticated designs. Today, it’s all about keeping it simple with minimal distractions.

Finally, seek professional help

While the points listed here are a good starting point, you need the help of a professional to improve your conversion rates and optimize your site’s performance. Reach out to our expert team of digital marketing experts for a free diagnosis of your site and inputs on how to proceed further.


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