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How to embed Search Engine Optimization into your WordPress website?

It gives an awesome feeling when you get the WordPress website made which looks amazingly good, your friends appreciate it and the best part is you can change the content in the future as per your whims and fancies. Life is so good now, isn’t? But just wait, does the site loved by google crawlers? Do they want to index it well on the search listings?

Question is how to go about getting an SEO friendly WordPress website– Three things which must be done to reach the objective are

  • Coding should be proper, a lot of SEO activities needs hard coding
  • Use appropriate essential plugins
  • Blogging is the 3rd important pillar

SEO is the most important aspect in any of the sites after its launched however you must start embedding the SEO strategy in the product since the moment work starts on the website creation. You must be clear that what market you want to cater to the website, which age group is your TG etc. SEO Specialists must be engaged from day-1 so that clear guideline is issued to designers and developers on how coding is to be done as per SEO standards.

WordPress has the biggest advantage of plug and play, a lot of if the things can be achieved by using the right plugins meeting the objective. However, one plain fact you can be sure of that only plugins can’t yield the desired results, Aaargh! wish life could be so easy.

There are a couple of popular and very useful plugins that can be considered for carrying out basic SEO tasks like All In One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO or Greg’s high-performance SEO, etc. Try to avoid a situation when you need to port one plugin with another after the site is made live. It’s better to understand the finer nuances early on and use one.

As shared earlier all the activities can’t be fulfilled by using plugins like custom loops, functions, etc. you need to rely on coding for that. Coding comes very handy for handling speed related issues, fix the UX issues and responsiveness challenges.

D-Day has come when WordPress website has all the necessary plugins and coding is also to perfection, time has come to press the “Go Live” button. Just hold on, one last critical piece is still missing. It is a few posts available in the Blog section. Include a well thought of content marketing strategy in place. We are not touching upon this point in detail as like earlier points it will need a couple of blogs to cater to this point. Research the keywords well and identify the target group. Come up with posts that shall encourage users to visit the web page and arouse curiosity which enables them to know more about you.

There are several times when the objective can be met by different means and there is a thin line differentiating the three activities mentioned above, there can be an overlap.

In summary, you will have to do extra to get an edge over the competition than using the traditional method of installing plugins.

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