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5 Main Reasons Why Live Chat is Important for Your E-commerce Website

The presence of live chat on an e-commerce website is like a receptionist sitting at a company office or a salesman standing at the doorway in the brick and mortar shop. Enabling live chat functionality on your website allows customers to chat pertaining to your business on a real-time basis to ask queries, get information and build assurance during their shopping experience, while improving conversion rates for your business. It is mandatory that live chat agents cooperating on the live chat should be well qualified about the in-house services or products which are being offered through the site. Live chat plays a major role in hand holding the customers while they navigate across the website trying to find products of their interest. Another advantage of live chat is that it’s a great tool for sales and plays an impressive role in reputation building. For the visitor, representative behind the live chat admin becomes the brand ambassador for the company and his narration becomes the voice of the company. Your company is as worthy or as unworthy in the eyes of the visitor, as the capability of the live chat agent. Hence identifying and training of Contact center staff is a matter of most importance when you are planning to leverage the power of live chat on your website. The agent’s role is to inform the visitor properly and to be engaging while making the right sales pitch to the visitors. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that chatting gurus should however not be a sticky salesman who starts doing aggressive selling regardless of the needs of the visitors as this will resist visitors away from the E-commerce portal and they may not come back again as returning visitors.

1# Real-time convenience to customers: –

It offers an advantage for customers that right from your website without them having to leave looking for help on the phone, email or social media. The added advantage is what helps build strong relationships with your clientele since the accessibility of support and the speed at which this assistance is conveyed is every so often the two most mentioned reasons people say they had an enjoyable experience with a company.

By involving with customers right from the product page or even home page for that matter on your website, you check their apprehensions and overall effect their confidence shopping on your website since they know somebody is constantly there to help.

For example, many e-commerce websites that sell apparel use a live chat function to provide style information to customers that don’t necessarily have a question or an issue, but would love trend on what to buy that would suit their particular style.

2# Cost-effective: –

Live chat is cost-effective because it frequently increases the average ticket size of customer purchases since the majority of these regulars are getting suitable advice and insights on what to shop for harmonized with their interests, as well as replies to any product questions they might have.

3# Gives You an Edge of Your Competition: –

The volume of competitors present in any vertical today can be crushing, which is why it is very important as ever to position out and segregate your brand from the competition.

A live chat platform will assist your business focus on the needs of your customers and the understanding they are having with your business at almost every most important touchpoint in the buying funnel on your website.

4# It Taps into Customer Pain Points: –

A buyer’s frustration or need that has yet to be sorted out is called a pain point. Live chat offers instant access to customers’ pain points. When clients use live chat, they’ll try to confirm that a product will make as advertised or that a promotion will make available the discount they want. In addition, as live chat agents talk to customers, it can help in improving a company’s products and services by taking feedback.

5# Helps to increase in conversions and average order values: –

Since the understanding with your business is made more enjoyable by the use of live chat, this frequently results in higher conversions and an improved average order value from customers that are engaging with you on the platform. The speed and efficiency of this form of customer support are what it takes to succeed and affect your business’s bottom line.

Is your business seeing the use of live chat? What’s stopping your company from implementing such a useful tool to boost the usefulness of your customer service? Webfries is there to answer the queries. Get an amazing e-commerce website made in Gurgaon from the most reputed IT company and leverage the power of live chat. You can connect with us on| +91 124 4382-633.




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