We’re a Creative, Kinetic, Responsible Digital Marketing Agency.

We cost less. Because it makes sense.

Webfries Motto is to be “CREATIVE. KINETIC. RESPONSIBLE.”. These tags are not just to impress the walking audience on the site instead we follow it religiously in our day-to-day routine so that customer is impressed with the Quality of output we deliver.

There are some definite differentiators that we have identified in the last 5 years where Webfries IT Solutions Private Limited (“Webfries”) digital marketing agency in Gurgaon commands a niche and somewhat makes us the best choice of our customers.




Result Oriented

What’s the fun if we don’t hit the bullseye? Webfries is a result-oriented digital marketing company and takes all the possible measures to make any Digital project we undertake a success. Project success parameters are defined accordingly.



The way you (“Customer”) prefer to work with a limited number of suppliers, we also like to work with a limited number of customers at a time. It allows us to give dedicated services to our customers; no compromise is made in terms of the time commitment.


Reasonable pricing

A crucial aspect of any deal is the pricing part. We have solutions available at different price points, meeting the end objective. So it will be a good idea if you have requirements, give us a buzz, chances are you won’t be disappointed with our support including prices offered.


Good Navigators

Every related Web and App Development company claims to be having great Developers on board. We also do, however, have one more shining armor – “Project Managers.” Our Project Guides are the single point of contact for our customers and have excellent command over the subject. They make sure that the project is sailed through to the finishing line with maximum ease.


Customer Intimacy

We believe in moving on the path where the value we provide to our esteemed customers is “Intimacy.” We work very closely with our customers. The idea is that we know if our customer wins using our digital solutions, it will tangentially make us also win. Don’t you agree?


Bespoke Portfolio

Since we are a half-decade old company, the foundation laid is solid. It has been formed keeping our vision, mission, and values in mind. This is the reason which has allowed us to build such a great portfolio in this duration, and the variety of jobs cuts across the different product verticals and customer segments.


Process Oriented

In Webfries, processes are well defined and used very effectively. We stick to the internal and external processes well, and as a result, both customers and we have a good night’s sleep.


Comprehensive portfolio

We need to provide a comprehensive solutions portfolio to our customers and be good in each vertical else. Neither the customer nor us can have a Win-Win case. We are delighting our customers by sticking to the objective of offering End to End Digital services. Details about Webfries offerings can be checked in the Services section.

few things for our clients


Website designing and Development, Hosting, Creatives design, Digital Marketing, etc., have become commodity products in today’s time – easy to take such services in the market. Companies that offer great solutions at the optimum price can only survive in this competitive landscape. Or the other way out is to get into Technology fields that are closely associated with the existing services and time advantage keeps you on top of the race. We belong to the second school of thought. We are updated about the new technology fronts all the time and adopt the same if it’s associated with the existing product line. With Webfries, you are likely to get better “Complete Solution” offerings than others as it will include products where we have already made inroads and others are still trying to catch up with us.

With our digital marketing agency, you may not find a vendor, but a partner who is willing to cross the journey with you. Let’s amalgamate Technology and art to make the Digital world beautiful.