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Need help acquiring new customers or having difficulty converting your followers into customers?

Worry not, with expert Growth Hacking services from Webfries, you can intelligently scale your business and catapult it to the next level.

Who is Growth Hacking for?

Irrespective of whether you’re a start-up looking to launch a new product or service successfully, or an established business looking to optimize your processes, we’ve got different growth hacking techniques to suit your specific requirements.


What do we do in Growth Hacking?

Data Driven Approach

We shine a spotlight on what’s happening in your business. We implement the right data strategies and analytics, to help you make smart decisions and increase your growth by leaps and bounds.

Traction Testing

This helps you to plan your business investments and strategies based on predictable growth models. We test several marketing channels and identify the best ones that are suited for your business model.

360° Approach

We help you eliminate bottlenecks in your business processes and guide you in the right direction for future growth.


We make use of our data science to help pinpoint the avenues of future growth for your business. We do experiments for you and help you figure out what works. And we do this quickly and efficiently.

Growth Areas we help you with

Acquisition – Increase your customer acquisition

  • Increase traffic and generate leads
  • Optimise your SEO and content marketing
  • Convert your followers into customers
  • Discover and try new channels of customer acquisition

Activation – Optimize your customer activation process

  • Remove activation bottlenecks
  • Optimise and automate your onboarding process

Retention – Improve your customer retention rates and reduce bounce rates

  • Accurate analysis
  • Smart strategies for pulling back customers

Revenue – Boost your Sales Revenues

  • Make the most of the freemium users
  • Engage with followers and increase conversion rates

Referrals – Make your product/service go viral

  • Increase the viral coefficient of your marketing campaigns
  • Launch successful referral programs

Why Webfries for Growth Hacking?

  • Highly competent team handles your case.
  • Well proven results back us.
  • We take care of end to end activities in Growth Hacking.
  • Completely results driven activity.

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