How Webfries operates and ensures projects are delivered well, is answered in this section. Be it a website development or an App or related service is custom made and serves some business goal. To put the idea on paper and implement the solution is the most important task. Our digital agency in Gurgaon has the complete process in place, and sticking to that has allowed Webfries to deliver a multitude of projects with ease and comfort to the customer. The Process explained takes care from the point when the idea is envisaged and till the project is launched. We try as much as we can to make it watertight and with the support of our valuable customers we ride through the beautiful journey of web/ App development.



In the first step, we understand the complete business idea and try to gain information as much as possible about the concept. We generally have the consultative approach in this step where we take answers to a lot of relevant questions. Our digital agency in Gurgaon generally asks questions that revolve around the goals, target audience, references, flow, budget, etc. Based on the inputs received, we share the reference projects which we have executed so that we get a complete idea more streamlined. Overall comprehending it well allows Webfries to establish the complete business idea and you are also clear about what you can anticipate from the solution.


Our Creative Team comes into the action in this stage, they come up with the action plan that what the end-to-end solution should look like, and what should be the pieces as part of the solution. This step also helps in understanding the branding strategy also. Documentation for the complete project is also taken care of in this step. We create a Business and Functionality Specification requirement sheet so that every team member remains on the same page.



Creatives are made in this stage of the project. What fonts, colors, images, graphics, etc. should be considered in the project are discussed and finalized. This remains a very critical piece where the user interfaces in terms of mock up’s, layout, etc. are finalized. We do and re-do the stuff as per the inputs received, our approach remains quite proactive during this duration. We take your consent for approval before we head to the next step. This step gives you a true feeling of being part of the complete process. Most of the customers we have worked with like to actively participate. To sum it up your idea takes the graphical shape in this step.


Once we have the designs approved in our digital agency in Gurgaon, our developers come into real action. They start the development job required in the project. We develop, test it thoroughly, and later send it to you for approval. Bug fixation and incorporating the points raised by you are considered in this step.



The overall solution is now ready. The time has come now to take off and make it go Live. Have an idea? Let’s work together to make your dream a reality.