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Get More from Your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Emails may be the first digital marketing channel. It’s still relevant and effective, even today. The average user checks his or her email a whopping 15 times per day. The high penetration rate, the ability to target the right audience, and unique, personalised content – make email marketing one of the best channels that deliver high ROI.
At Webfries, we take the fuss out of email marketing. We create email templates that hook in your target audience, while our email content drives your customers forward on the sales funnel. Lower the cost of customer acquisition and stay connected with your target audience with an effective email marketing campaign.
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Turbo Charge Your Customer Journey

Supercharge your lead generation by creating email-nurturing campaigns that convert leads into paying customers.

Build, Manage & Segment Your Customer Database

Develop unique insights into your leads and buyers. Build segmented, targeted lists that help you achieve optimal results.

Emails Designed for Mobiles & Tablets

Did you know that users today read more emails on smartphones and tablets compared to desktops and laptops? With a mobile-first design, your emails engage with your customers across devices.

Support and Advice

Each client is assigned a dedicated campaign manager, who will work with you to create and deliver a successful email marketing strategy.


We design and develop an email template that suits your brand persona and reflects your brand values. We also assist in creating relevant, fresh, and industry-specific content that hooks your target audience.

Email Content Strategy

You can provide us with your email content, in tune with our digital marketing guidelines, or our team of specialist copywriters creates the content for you.

Contact List Management

Your contact list is a crucial asset for email marketing. We help you build your database and derive the maximum benefits from it. We ensure that the right messages reach the right people.

Tracking and Reporting

To ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns, you need to analyze and reformulate them. We provide you with key insights like– who opens your mail, how long does your target audience read, which links they click, and the number of people who unsubscribe.


Whether you are a small business or a corporate, Webfries will design an effective email marketing campaign that meets your business objectives.

We are not limited by location, and we don’t have a stock-standard pricing rate. Feel free to send us a message or get to know more about us via our social channels.