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Your first venture into website ECommerce? Or the dozenth time redesigning your existing website?

The end goals are the same, “Grow your Business by meeting Customer Needs”.


Ecommerce Web Designing Company in Gurgaon

We provide high-impact web design development and marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes across industries. Our proud possession is our handpicked team comprising of top web developers and designers who specialize in site development, design, support, system integration, and marketing.

We have assisted several businesses in improving sales and building loyal customers, with our customized e-commerce website services.

Transform Casual Onlookers into Loyal Customers

Success in today’s hyper-competitive field doesn’t come easy. It needs a highly customized approach that employs the latest tools & technology, to turn casual browsers into your brand lovers.

From architecture to navigation, Our eCommerce Web Designing Company digs deep to unleash the potential of your business, helping you improve your customer base massively.


What Do We Do?

To put it in a nutshell, “We help you win the Digital Race & Zoom Ahead of Your Competitors.”
Long Story, we build:
❖ ECommerce application and website design:

Our developers create user-friendly websites that help to maximize the revenue of your business through online sales.

❖ Product catalogs:

We provide you with a tailored catalog to list your products in an appealing layout. Whether you require tier-based pricing or multilevel product categories, we’ve got it all.

❖ ECommerce cart development:

Our online cart development services allow you to sell your products quickly and in a hassle-free manner. We cast your online store with customized shopping carts.

❖ Web development and customization:

We also provide the most efficient and customized web development solutions for your existing website to take your business to a higher level.

❖ Efficient smart cart shopping:

Avail of our intelligent shopping cart services to promote your brand, products, and services to your target audience in a professional way to achieve maximum results. We help you with everything from calculating the best shipping rates to GST. We encourage your customers to complete checkout, while we e-mail them with reminders about abandoned carts.

❖ Safe and secure checkout:

We provide only well-known and trustable payment gateways inner to boost your customer confidence. We offer hassle-free payment services that authorize the credit card or direct payment processing securely and ensure that your customer’s data is in no way compromised.

❖ Maintenance and support:

We provide frequent maintenance and support services for your e-commerce website with expert advice along with a timely solution to all their problems in an efficient manner.

Why Webfries for E-Commerce website designing?

We just don’t give you a website; we give you customers.

Top-notch website design is our topmost priority. Our design includes a clean design, simple navigation, high definition display, comprehensive testing, and above all is easy to manage.
Cost-saving and high quality:

We provide affordable web solutions of the best quality.
Consistent and robust deliverables:

You can trust the consistency of your website. Our experts make sure the interface is easy to use and has a clean design.
Support and maintenance:

We don’t sell and forget, we provide 24*7 Support for you.
Customer satisfaction:

Over half of our businesses every year are from repeat customers. We don’t rest until we exceed your expectations.
Get ready to change the way you do business! Call our Web Designing Company today to get started on your e-commerce website Design!

Why Webfries for ECommerce Website Development?

 Webfries provide you with the easy update option like a secured administration control panel.

 We make a fascinating look for your eCommerce website that can impress your visitor.

 We make the navigation system simpler so that the visitor can move easily from one part of the site to another, in order to complete the desired action.

 We provide Intelligent Management systems; Industry recognized standards and much more!

 We Provide the Best Support in the Industry 24*7*365.

We’ve worked with Webfries for our ECommerce project, and they have done a remarkable job on everything. The suggestions were very valuable during the course and the best part was that they remain committed to the timelines. We have continued to refer their name to our known ones looking for similar services.

– Aakriti Jain, Co-Founder – Imitation Jewelry Business


Which is the best platform for my eCommerce website?

It all depends on what you're looking for. In the initial stages, our dedicated project manager will work with you to assess your needs based on the number of products you're planning to sell, required functionalities and more. Based on the assessment, we suggest the right eCommerce platform for you.
Generally, we lean towards Magento, Shopify or BigCommerce. These platforms are extremely powerful and easy to use, making it easy to add, update or remove products on your eCommerce website as and when you need them.

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce website in India?

Our costs depend on several factors like your site complexity, features, required and more. We do not give single figure quotes without discussing requirements. To get a clear picture of how much it costs to build your eCommerce site, send us a message using this form or drop in a line at sales@webfries.com. Our team will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and give you a ballpark figure. You can then decide to proceed if you’re satisfied. No pressures!

Will you add the products, or should I do it?

Initially, we set up a few products on your site. We also teach your team how to add new products, edit existing products, including photos, videos, description and reviews, so that you can handle it on your own once your website goes live.

What are the unique features you offer for eCommerce website design?

We offer enhanced functionalities like special promo codes set-up, creating an abandoned cart sequence to pull back customers who have left their shopping mid-way and more. Get in touch with our team at sales@webfries.com to know more.

Will you provide me with a website design that will always stay relevant?

While we design eCommerce sites with longevity, we don't make false promises saying that your site design will always remain fresh. The industry standard for website design is to update your site design once every 2 to 3 years, keeping up with the general trends and changing functionality needs. We design your site so that it's easy to refresh down the line. With that said, our designs will keep you in trend for at least 3 to 5 years.