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Worried about your website’s SEO health? Wondering what’s the reason for your poor performance on search engine rankings? Get an in-depth, comprehensive SEO audit report today, identify current problems and potential obstacles, and uncover missed SEO opportunities.
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SEO Audit – An X-Ray Analysis of Your Website by SEO Experts

What’s included in Our Report?

Issues, Solutions, Recommended Fixes, Hidden Opportunities, and New Strategies. We analyse each of these components and provide you with an in-depth study of your site, all in one report.

Site Architecture & Structure

Your site’s structure is the backbone that determines its usability, user-friendliness, & navigability. We analyze the structure of your site & provide you with suggestions to increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate), reduce bounce rate & improve the flow of clicks from one page to another.

Site Design

This is usually the first element that people notice about your website. We analyse your site’s layout, colour scheme, readability, alignment, responsiveness, and other visual elements to identify improvements and changes.

On-Page SEO

We evaluate your website’s on-page SEO components. We analyse critical elements like – keyword usage, Meta tags, alt tags, H1 to H6 usage, the structure of URLs, internal links, broken links, redirects, sitemap, performance, and speed.

Off-page SEO

Once we are finished with the on-page SEO analysis, we analyse your off-page SEO tactics like – organic rankings, quality, and quantity of backlinks, domain and page authority, sources of traffic, behaviour flow, and competitors and evaluate your overall footprint on the web.

Local SEO and PPC

We find out how well your site does on local search results and PPC ads. By evaluating your reviews, citations, structured data, and other local SEO signals, we chart out a suitable local SEO action plan for you.

Keyword and Content

We carry out an in-depth analysis of the content on your site to identify its quality. We point out whether your content is relevant and offers value to the user. Next, we also carry out extensive keyword research to find the keyword density, usage, and frequency on your site.

Social Media

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, your social media presence matters a lot in attracting potential customers. We help you create or alter your social media strategy for the best results.

Competitor Analysis

We evaluate the performance of your site with your direct competitors. We analyse their backlinks, ranking positions, and organic traffic results.

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