We live and breathe Social. Make us your Social Partner and Rock like the Boss You Are.


Do you find social media a burdensome chore that you cannot escape from?

Does the thought of coining perfect captions and clicking engaging pictures to post on your social media networks frustrate you? If this sounds like you, give us a call. Our SMO Company got a team of digital natives who live and thrive socially. Our team has got the expertise, insights, and tools to do social for you effectively. Reach out to our team and relieve yourself (and your team) from the burdens of regular social media advertising.


Our Social Media Advertising Commitment to You

  • Thou shalt not worry about creating the content
  • Ve shalt seek thy approval before posting ads on your behalf
  • Ve shalt manage all the comments – both positive and negative – for you
  • Ve shalt take care of the analytics, spending, campaign management, and more
  • Thou shalt not worry or stress about social media ever again

Why does your Business need to Advertise on Social Media?

Reach your audience where they are

Indians spend more time on social media compared to other nations. Use social media advertising to reach your target audience precisely using their demographics.

Optimize your advertising to meet your Objectives

Whether you are looking to increase your fans, generate leads, boost page likes, or increase video views – whatever your requirement, we’ll optimize your ad campaigns to reach your goals.

Maximize ROAS

We make every penny you spend on social media matter. With well-planned strategies that deliver results, we reduce your social media ad spending, boosting ROAS (Return On Ad Spends).

Why Choose Webfries for Social Media Advertising?

We don’t just focus on the vanity metrics: likes and shares. Instead, we deliver qualified leads. We deliver real engagement. With us, you can see your social media ads evolve every week, and the numbers improve every month.


Don’t take our word. Just ask a few of our clients – we can even put you in touch with them.