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With years of experience as a data-driven Digital Marketing Company, Webfries helps you improve tag management on your site and speed it up.

What is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

GTM (Google Tag Manager) is a free tool from Google that helps you maximize Google Analytics, helping you collect more data than possible otherwise. Using GTM, you can consolidate all tags on your website using a single snippet of code.

GTM adds tags to sites to collect and track information. Using this tool, you can track specific analytics like – the number of clicks, items that are added to and removed from a shopping cart, and more. It also helps you track user scrolling, generate heatmaps, and how your site visitors landed on your site.

GTM makes it incredibly easy to work with tags. The biggest benefit of GTM is that it makes managing tags easy without editing even a single line of code.


What does GTM do for your Site?

  • Speed up your website by cleaning the source code
  • Reduce the time web developers spend editing and updating your site
  • Add customized code snippets for Google Ads, Google Analytics, FB Ads, etc.
  • Update and track tags without editing the source code

Boost your website tag management with an experienced GTM specialist by your side.