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5 Mantras for Budding Entrepreneurs | Webfries

The run-of-the-mill jobs are not what is making the new generation go heads over heels. Entrepreneurship is the keyword for the youth between 25-35. Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Sabeer Bhatia are new age messiahs and the youth is taking to the idea of setting up an own business with a cult-like passion. These role models have encouraged people to enhance their risk-taking abilities and everyone is in the search for one big idea like the three wise men were searching for Jesus

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu

This is one of the best phrases that describe the spirit of entrepreneurship which demands the person to let go of its present self and situation and begin a search for his real worth. A few more mantras are needed to be added to the prayer books of the budding entrepreneurs that would help them reach the self-actualization

Change is inevitable
“Accept that you can’t change, Change what you can’t accept”

So both ways, change is happening. In the first instance, you are changing yourself to accept something and for the latter, you are being the catalyst for the change.

Reflect on how to accept and comprehend change. Things might not go the way you wish them to go. Businesses fail and businesses succeed. Risk is never constant. The only thing constant is ‘Change’

Freedom from inhibitions

Prepare and work on yourself, transform and empower. Make time to read and write more often. Traverse the depth to know the A-Z of your foundation to the extent that you free yourself from inhibitions and realize your full potential. No one, but yourself, is capable of holding you back.

Give ‘Try’ a try, Always!!!

Nothing takes you closer to your dream than the first step that you take towards your goal. There is no way that you can jump the whole staircase to reach the top. It is always one step at a time.

Stay positive, dream big, aim high, and define your goals. But ensure to have an exit plan along with your bucket list. However, always trust yourself and NEVER give up.


The plan is the magic word that transforms time into your partner rather than an opponent.

Organize your time and keep a realistic schedule. The number of hours you have worked is of no relevance. What matters is the amount of work you have completed in that particular time period. Be wise; keep your priorities under check and distractions miles away.

Compete with yourself

you are the only competitor worth having for yourself. Compete with yourself and beat yourself every time. This is the mantra for being a victor, each time. The mantra that brings out the best in you.

Watch your company

Surround yourself with all kinds of right and positive people. The dreamers, the doers, the believers. The people who embody the positive qualities and are connected to growth. But this doesn’t mean that you should shoo away others. Just be tolerant of those who are not so fortunate to be of positive kinds and treat them as examples of ‘What not to be like’ !!!

Go chase your dreams …




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