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Is Brand Building exercise overvalued??

Many companies still have a question in mind whether to invest in brand building as a focused area or to keep it as a side activity. To understand the importance of branding activities we need to first introspect the activities involved in brand building and its impact on one’s business. Why is brand building required? We all know that target audiences have to be targeted with the right message so that they form a certain positive image of the company and this activity has to be recurring in nature. A well-planned media mix can enable sending the message you want to send across to your TG. Your branding strategy will not only create a good brand image in the target group’s mind but also make them stick to your brand like a loyal customer.

Steps to follow while exercising a branding plan!

Step 1 –

For successful brand building, be clear about the message you want to convey to your TG. Once you are clear about your thoughts, communicating your ideas become easier.

Step 2 –

As people notice you they will ask your USP. What is it that you have those others don’t!! Yes, of course, you are better than others but how is the next question. Then we need to evaluate our offerings. How can we serve others in a different way? What is the requirement that others are not able to fulfill? Work towards it and spread the message to the audience telling that we care for your needs…An emotional chord is struck…

Now the most important step…Actually all are important but this is most complicated. Selection of media mix…Get involved with your customer’s business. Treat it as yours…Don’t grab it but you can always imagine…Once you understand the product/service and the TG and demography organize a customer survey. You will get the idea what media your TG is comfortable with…so once you have the answer to your questions… Sit brainstorm and devise a plan but keeping one very important factor in mind… BUDGET…I can guarantee this will be the only factor in your boss’s mind. So we need to devise low-cost options which can be very effective and can be spread among TG easily. Just make sure that the timing of all deliverables is well coordinated so that constant reminder goes to TG.

Now the impact, a well-devised strategy leads to the formation of a certain “good” image in the person’s mind that you formulated and whenever a requirement crops up they will remember you, will look for your product and leave rest to marketing and sales personnel’s.

So my conclusion is a well-devised plan is definitely worth investing in…It’s surely not an overvalued activity.





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