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Color Your Balance Sheet – part II

In the first part, we covered the reasons how the color of your office and stores affects productivity, purchasing decisions and customer loyalty. Now, let’s have a look at what do the different colors mean and what are the different effects they have.

Again, a disclaimer to start with. These are only guidelines. The effect on different people may be different and you could not rest on your back by just changing the color of walls to achieve results.

After ensuring our bones remain intact if things go wrong, we come back to the colors.

Green Sparks Creativity

Green is the color of open fields, lush mountains, and pastures extending till the horizon. Researchers have associated green with broader thinking and more creative thoughts and ideas. People usually have a tendency to like green. There seems to be a positive connotation between Mother Nature and regrowth. So if you are looking for ways to make your employees more productive, consider painting work areas green.

Red Reduces Analytical Thinking

There’s a particular reason why red sports cars cost more to insure. When humans see the color red, their responses become faster and more vigorous. However, that splurge of energy is most likely to be short-lived and eventually, red reduces analytical thinking. A research conducted by the University of Rochester shows athletes are more likely to lose when they compete against a rival wearing red and the students exposed to red before a test are probable to perform worse.

Thus, this is the color to be avoided for your office wall. But on the other side, now you know why most of the staff and salespeople at the local stores wear red T-shirts. They always have an upper hand when dealing with irate customers.

Blue is Most Accepted

When probed about the favorite color, the most common answer around the world is blue. This may date back to the early days of humans. When our great great great grandfathers used to see blue – like a clear blue sky or a watering hole – it was a good sign. Thus, painting a shared area of your office building blue is likely to induce a feeling of satisfaction in your employees.

Yellow isn’t Usually a Hit

Evade painting community spaces yellow because most folks aren’t a fan of the color. Yellow remains the least favourite color for most people, so choose a different color if you wish to appeal to the masses.

Orange is Associated with Good Value

People relate the color orange with a good value. Orange color in your logo, stores etc. gives a perception of good quality to your customers. Some high-end retailers have used this fact to much effect and they’ve fruitfully incorporated orange into their brand.

Pink Calms People Down

Pink is known for draining people of their energy and that’s the very reason that some sports teams paint the opposing team’s locker room pink. Baker-Miller pink calms people down for about 30 minutes and is very effectively used in prisons to calm down the most violent of the criminals. Once people have stayed calm for that time period, they’re often able to stay in a calm state of mind. This would prove to be a great color for lawyers who are conducting mediation or board rooms where discussions may take a heated turn.

White May Lead to Boredom

White has a contemporary charm. Apple, for example, has used white to brand their clean, sleek look. However, excessive use of a monochromatic look can make people reflect on their own thoughts. So be warned !!!

Customers shopping in a unicolor white store may become unfocused from the task at hand when their mind begins to meander because of the lack of stimulation.

Changing Colors to the best effect

Think wisely before you paint your space and ponder about how you want people to feel, perceive and perform. And one of the best things about wall color is that you can change them often at your own free will. Although, as we have been telling you right from the beginning, the wall color can’t perform miracles, it can certainly give you a boost in the right direction.




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