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Colour tips to consider while designing an awesome website

We can associate a colour with emotion, for example, I feel blue. Colors play a dominant role in our daily life, starting from top or tee we pick for the day. Why do we pick a certain shade a certain day? It has been proved that the color of the garment we choose directly reflects our persistent mood for the whole day. Have you had that one friend whom you have never seen in any other color except black? As gothic it may sound, this person may tend to be a closed book who has very few words to say. Keeping this in mind, how important do colors play a role in the website you are building – a mighty big one.

#1 Understand basic color theory

A go-green campaign cannot survive with a green element. A self-help or spiritual website needs yellow or soothing white as its core color. An automotive website plays with dark metallic shades of black and brown. What does your website deal with? Find its color and splash it across. Though this might sound like a safe track, there are a few reasons how theories were derived upon. Respecting it and adhering to it makes you no less vigilant.

#2 Choose fewer colors

It is impossible to choose all your favorite colors from the palette. Mixing colors from two different towns can leave your viewers bewildered. Let the colors you choose waft across like a breeze. Let the shades blend with the design and the content of the site. Efforts in flaunting your third eye for colors may score a 6 to a beautifully built website, if not done wisely.

#3 What are your 3 tones?

We have already seen that it is a bad idea to mix random colors. Here we talk about the three apt colors to choose for your website. Let the shades you use, on coming together, seem like a family. Choose your dominant tone as per your research. The subsidiary shades must remain as a supporting wall to the dominant color. You need a king, a minister and a farmer for a healthy kingdom. If all three try to play the role of a king, only chaos can prevail.

#4 Your brand’s color

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the father of color theory believes colors leave a psychological impact on us and also that colors lack innate qualities. It is the brain that perceives these colors and attaches qualities to them. This is where you can deeply influence your viewers. Let your client’s website revolve around the colors used in his complete branding package. The website is imperative and has proved to be essential for any upcoming brand. However, hit the right chord and make peace with the color tone already chosen by your client and allow the site to speak the same language.

Webfries has a very colorful personality  and reflects in our work, let’s sit together with the color card and use the appropriate colors in your next website. For any web development requirement in Gurgaon, we are a call away from you on +91 124 4382-633. You prefer us seeing online? We are available on





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