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Ingredients of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become an important term in the Digital dictionary. What exactly is Digital Marketing? As per Wikipedia “It is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers.” There are a lot of activities required in it to make it a complete package. Let’s run the most important ones which you can use in the campaigns and get customers in plenty for your products and services.

Search Engine Marketing

Search marketing helps you in getting the eyes of google crawlers – tangentially it helps in getting traffic on-site and ultimately the real customers. This is the foremost activity required in SEM. Pay good attention to getting this part correctly.

Social Media Marketing

Do we require to tell you the importance of Facebook in today’s time? Needless to mention social media channels have become quite important for banding per se. E-commerce sites get customers also from social media campaigns. Gain traffic and most importantly the attention through social media sites now.

PPC advertising

Having difficulty in topping the search results chart by Organic means? Google Adwords Service is the rescue channel for you. It is a digital advertising model in which traffic comes to your site when your advertisement is clicked by the users. Off-course you will need to pay to the publisher. It’s quite an effective way to bring the traffic on site.

E-Mail Marketing

Are the email marketing days are over? Certainly not! Try out sending a mail comprising of ads, promoting your service or the product, you surely bound to get some response. This being a very much cost-effective measure, won’t burn your pocket as well. Also to your regular customers, monthly HTML newsletters can bring a lot of difference and solidify the good perception of your brand.

Online display advertising

Show the whole world how good your products are using rich media banner ads. Using the channel like Google AdSense, reach out to the relevant websites which allow space to be used for ads.

Mobile marketing

With mobile penetration so high, you simply can’t ignore this channel which is growing leaps and bounds. People are more comfortable using the mobile phone to carry out the internet activities which were earlier done on PCs/ laptops. Do promotional activities that are designed and delivered on smartphones and other handheld devices.

Content Marketing

Content is the Key, google loves it, end-users love it. Everybody wants to read good original content. Consistently come up with great content in the form of blogs/ articles/ newsletters etc. and form a loyal customer group for your brand.

Affiliate marketing

Can you reach out to all the corners of the world all alone? You can if you have reached the heights of google and amazon. If not make friends and partners in the digital world. It can work for you both as a publisher and seller.

We have tried capturing a few important digital marketing activities which you may like to cover in your budget. Each has a different impact, different money drainage, and different results. The best combination you can achieve is by experimenting a bit.

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