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Web designing trends expected in Y2016

Is it just I or we are done with website designing in the most mediocre fashion with the most predictable formula. Hello to all my geeky friends, as a typical 20-hour browser and clueless about web dynamics, I invite you to take a good read at website designing trends that will be bloom in the year 2016. Be prepared for a lot of changes to impress the next-gen-internet-addicts.

#1 Let your website talk less

Make a new resolution to be a little soft on your viewers’ fingertips and let your website stop scrolling at some point. Our people get to use a little bit of internet, at their 12-minute coffee break. You will be competing with FB, Twitter, and Youtube who will have your viewers hooked for a very long time. Sharing space with might big names can be intimidating, but you have one advantage over them. You can talk less. Keep your site brief and make your viewers yearn more of you. Gradually add more elements from time to time and slowly string your viewers to you.

#2 Add more colors

There 2 colors that dominate any website, one is the most formal static white background and the other, your favorite color which hit the click tabs. Take a good look at the color palette in Photoshop and use a mix of vibrant colors that can enhance your brand image on the screen. Though color preference might seem personal to each viewer, research proves that a human mind can feel comfortable with a product with unusual colors if they can see the secret relationship between those colors and the brand.

#3 A better Welcome Message

When anyone clicks your site, almost 80% of your viewers are prepared to see a slider with cheesy slogans and purchased photographs. If you are not one of them, continue reading. With slider imagery closing in on time, we have the giant talkies-style background banner replacing the. Since this image will be playing throughout the site, and your viewers simply cannot escape from it, let your best imagery be up on the screen.

#Why so serious?

Let your viewers feel at ease when they browse through your website. We need customer data, to build our base. However, let the guns go down. Go easy on the sign-up procedure without asking for their ancestor’s birthplaces. Have an easy sign-up process where your viewer feels no threat in sharing their info. When you stop being nosy, they start engaging. In order to build a loyal viewer base, present yourself with a good online customer service with a LIVE CHAT option, where the customer can get in touch with you easily. How often do you see a girl date a guy who just wants her phone number!

#4 Get a bit unprofessional

Close your textbooks and it is ok to stop picking your professor’s calls once in a while. It is good to indulge in some groundwork on designing traits that have always had a good effect on the viewers. A battlefield becomes boring with the same game plan. As you keep yourself updated on the latest trends, make a conscious effort to play your field and set your own trend. Though this might seem blasphemous at first, you will get to play the first-time-ever card in the designing arena. Set your trend and blow your trumpet loud enough for your viewers!

#5 Expect to see more videos on the landing page

This trend is catching up fast where on the landing page you will see motion videos. Seeing the trend Shutterstock and likewise, has started compiling huge library of videos. The video will replace the images slider.

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