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Web designing trends anticipated in Y2017

This year remained an interesting year in terms of which web designing trends evolved and in all likelihood trend is going be carried forward in the next 12 months. There are a couple of areas where it is anticipated users may not be going for it on their website and there are few which will remain part of web trend for sure. Technology is evolving and so are the designers, developers. They are picking the new trends with enthusiasm and as an end result, the customer is getting benefitted from it. Let’s check out the web trends we are anticipating to become part of the websites being launched in the next 12 months.

#1 Mobile responsive sites

This is very much available right now, it is anticipated this trend will grow significantly and in 2017 more and more websites will be made responsive to the mobile platform. Quite possible sooner or later website will first be built for a mobile screen and changed as per desktop design later on. Users are searching for you on a mobile device more hence this trend has to be accepted and implemented on your website.

#2 Usage of Prototyping tools

Gone are the day when static images were made and end-user was giving the approval or asking for changes based on the design submitted. It is expected that designers, developers will rely more on rapid prototyping tools for generating the wireframes and seek approval from the customer. It makes the complete flow so smoother, in-fact developer can pick the code as well for their usage.

#3 Websites have commonness

Have you heard the end-users complaining all website templates look the same? In 2016 you would have noticed that websites in flat designs are in and soul of any template has commonness with other templates available. Designers have pushed the designing to the extent where possibility has come that going forward websites would have the common appeal in terms of UI and UX. Success formula which has been reached, not too many people want to change.

#4 Stock images may be out, authentic images and illustrations may be in

Till recent past, stock images were used quite a bit however that gives the website a feeling as if it’s conned. The trend is changing now, brands have started using illustrations more rather than picking and using stock photos on the site. Apart from that original photographs can also form the part of the site. It gives the impression of being original and true to word feeling.

#5 Usage of advanced animations

HTML5, CSS, jquery has made it possible to incorporate interesting animations on the web pages. They are interactive and successfully retain the visitor’s attention. Such GIF’s etc. can be made using Adobe aftereffect etc. They don’t load the page weight much and pretty impressive to showcase.

#6 Video is driving the content and bandwidth

As stated in Y2016, the video has become the main content driving force. Brands have started showcasing their messages using the route of powerful videos. Social media platforms also have started facilitating this.

Apart from these 6 trends-setters, there are few more points which we anticipate to become part of the web designing lifeline. Watch this space for more in the next article.

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Web designing trends anticipated in Y2017, Story continued…


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