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Why integration of Social Media with your website is important?

Stay put at the spot where there is crowd irrespective of whether you are a start-up or a well-established concern; to elaborate further, the crowd being your potential market. Since social media has ideally consumed its way through our lives and has become one with our sandwich, tea, and cookies, we can label it as a basic need. All media platforms show a person’s presumed closed knit circle in one click. What more do you need? Even human being has varying degrees of self-obsession and social media is a great outlet to promote oneself as an individual. How does your brand fit in these self-oriented online communities?

#1 Connect with your customers

Facebook and twitter stand next in the line of a person’s national identification; license, ration card, and an FB profile. Online media creates a fake validation to like-minded individuals and this is where your brand can honestly connect with your potential buyers. This is an ideal place not only to promote your business in a traditional way, however but also to become pally and become your customer’s buddy.

#2 We don’t care to visit your website

In spite of your brand having brick and motor stores and an elaborate website with 1000s of products, the customer will make an attempt to check you out only after the initial social media bonding. Your daily posts and updates not only serve as a reminder to your potential customers; however, it is an introduction phase where you shake hands with them.

#3 Instant feedback

A brand never stops tweaking and making minor changes in their products or services. Social media is the saving light that graces every brand with a customer’s views and opinions directly. The views, comments and the LIKE section is a tool to be worshipped that creates awareness among the brand owners on what works and what doesn’t.

#4 Learn about your target audience

Social media is mainly used as a dumping ground for a brand reminder. However, being mixed in the crows has its own perks. Few media platforms pave way for brands to understand their target audience and their diverse interests. It creates an open gateway to the well-shielded No-Entry-Its-All-Personal-Zone. A sneak peeks into your customer’s likes and dislikes is the formidable effect of 3rd date where he/she opens up. Be all ears, to all the truth.

#5 New message received

With the advent of new techniques in stalking your to-be-customers, they seem to be gloating in the undue attention they receive. If they are impressed with your social presence, they feel far more secure leaving a message or query from their comfort zone. It is a lot different from visiting your “Contact Us” page form your website and taking the pains of emailing you their query. Online proximity is a MUST since it is 1000s of brands vying for their attention.

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