A few very important take away we can get from the news is

  • Indian companies have a lot of appeal to global investors as money was raised from existing investors including Tiger Global, Naspers and Government of Singapore Investment Corp., the city-state’s sovereign wealth fund, etc.
  • The fundraising, the largest ever by an Indian startup and among the largest ever by any Internet startup globally has established Indian firms that have takers now on a global level and should not be taken lightly.
  • Flipkart founders (Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal, just a fact they are not brothers ;-).) are from IIT so it is unsaid fact they are among the smartest, sharpest, and tech-savvy entrepreneurs we have. They are young leaders in making and are closely associated with technology and it’s certain that funds raised will not go only in marketing. R&D will get a major boost and it’s so good for the entire industry. The paradigm of product delivery is changing; unmanned aerial vehicle technology is one immediate thing in the future. Hoping that Flipkart will devise something which is 100% designed, developed, and implemented by an Indian company and others from the global arena may follow the suit.
  • Chetan Bhagat (another IIT Alumni, now a famous writer) mentioned “Remember meeting shy IIT Juniors at 2 states book launch, sir we run a small e-bookstore. I said what’s the name. They said Flipkart”. Oh, this small story gave me a kick. It’s happening in India now!!! One good idea has started changing the fortunes for go-getters and making it a better world for everyone.
  • Both the Flipkart owners worked at Amazon before founding Flipkart. Bravo!!! You are truly superstars for followers who quit their job and become an entrepreneur (including me).
  • The E-Commerce revolution is just starting to build up in India. India has a population of 1.2+ Billion, considering the size National and Global players want to scale up here. They have taken the funding at a good time which will help them grow vertically and horizontally. With others joining the race, the ultimate benefit will be received by the consumers.