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Brand Dinosaurs

  • Dinosaurs are big
  • Dinosaurs are magnificent
  • Dinosaurs are awe-inspiring
  • But Dinosaurs are DEAD !!!

The same could be the case of branding. You could be a big brand, a one to reckon with, the one that competitors fear and customers admire. But if you don’t evolve (like Dinosaurs), you would be gone before long. You would be a thing of the past. Your brand would be discussed in classroom case studies, much like dinosaurs in museums. But as a brand, you would be DEAD !!!

It creeps up on you… Your business has grown extensively over the past years. You’ve added new products and services, you’ve conquered new geographic regions, and you may have even acquired another company. Yet, your brand’s look, feel and messaging has remained the same.

How can you tell if you are on your path to becoming a Dinosaur?

Here are some signs that ring a bell that it is time for some serious evolving, as a Brand

Your story is still stitched at home

‘Bobby’s 100 awesome design templates’ and ‘Do-It-yourself’ manuals are the start-up stuff. They could make it easy to create your own promotional literature and can be an effective and affordable short-term solution.

But as an established business, you have to make sure that your message and sales materials are convincing, with a look and feel that conveys expertise and stability. Your business has grown and you’ve upped your own level of professionalism, now, it’s time to turn to qualified professionals for help with branding.

Self-Praise is no recommendation

“We offer the finest products/services available,” “We are the leader in our industry,” or, our personal favorite, “We deliver ‘acronym, acronym, acronym’.” Enough of ‘WE’. You are something that’s why you are in the market. But potential clients are in no mood to hear your trumpets. They want to know how you can help THEM. It’s not really about you, it’s about how and what you have to offer that can make their business easier, better and more affordable. An experienced branding agency can help you create an identity and brand message that is clear, impactful and generate results.

Not born yet (in the online world)

You think the internet and social media are annoying and superficial. True maybe in limited terms but there is tremendous opportunity to use online tools to expand the reach and influence of your brand. Your website, online profiles and social media activity are highly valuable tools that you overlook at your own expense. They can mean the difference between your business being perceived as an industry leader or just another kid on the block.

This evolution as a Brand or Re-branding (technical jargon) can seem like a daunting task, but there are branding agencies in place to help you updated your positioning smoothly and efficiently. Look for a professional creative agency to guide you to a more impactful brand presence.

And don’t be a Brand Dinosaur, FOR GOD’S SAKE.




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