Top 5 Link Building Techniques

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Google keeps on changing the algorithm and its impossible for any one except Google to be sure that the measures suggested by them are the most accurate ones for getting traffic to your website. In off page activities, link building still holds relevance. In my write up today I’m sharing some best proven techniques which can be used to for Link building.

1. Create a blog

This is still among the best used method, If green content is used it carries lot of weight-age. Creating a blog is the best way to attract the traffic. For this first you can choose a platform where you want to post your blog like or WordPress or on your own website you make a blog page.
Make sure that you have a domain and you can change your domain every time depend on your popularization. Then you choose a subject for your blog but do it very carefully and consideration. There is always news to give to your readers and also there are lot of points to discuss on. Content was, is and will always a king for any blog. First you write your blog then marketing your blog is more challenging job but you need to make the effort to make your network aware of your blog. Writing a good post always take time and patience.You can review webfries blog for reference sake.

Company directories submissions

There are several type of directories available in Google world, There are few which matters the most for any of the businesses. You shall submit your websites to general company directories for sure. It is specific, and also if niche segment directories are also populated it brings significant advantages. Recently what we have seen is that Google though do not give so much importance to general directory submission however submitting in Company specific directories is still one of the good ways to do link building. Paid directories are quick to add you however we have not seen very significant advantage of paying and registering in them.

3. Guest posting

It is truly one of the best organic seo techniques. By this you can get an editorial links which helps your website to get higher rank. This definitely takes time however its equally rewarding. You get to build a contact with the website owner and discuss about your content. If the website owner likes your content and use it on his platform, It will help you in getting high quality back link. Not a bad deal at all!!!
Also you can write testimonials for the companies whose solutions you have used and happy with the support and quality. By doing this you get a chance for link exchange.

4. Live blogging

Live blogging is basically posting regular updates to your blog as the event is taking place. Live blogging needs expertise and if done right it truly can make a killing. For doing live blogging you need to research about the event well in advance and attend the event well prepared. If done correctly this platform can attract surplus visitors to your site as it provides useful information to the readers.


Getting social is de facto at the moment. Presence on social platform is becoming very important. Though Google bots are not crawling lot of social sites however social media helps in creating branding which indirectly boosts traffic to the website tremendously. This topic needs complete blog which will be posted soon. There are several other ways for link building, we will be glad to assist you on any query you have on Search Engine optimization.
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- Shatakshi Gupta(Guest Blogger)

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