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We are Creative Web Designers | We Provide dependable Web Hosting | We do expert organic SEO | We create Android & ios Mobile Apps | We craft Customized Application | We help in Brand Creation

Who is Webfries?
We are not just a Website Designing Company in Gurgaon!!!

We Deliver quality Web & Mobile Solutions in quick time
We are utmost Creative Digital Agency located in Gurgaon(NCR), India
We cover all segments of Micro, Small, medium and Large business enterprises
We are one stop shop offering Cheap & Best Web and Mobile Customized Solutions

What we do?

Website Designing

You want to make money that means you want to expand your business that means you want to go to masses that means you want website that means you need someone who can do that for you that means you need web designing company . Yes we got what you mean and it means a lot to us... read more

Web Hosting

You would have experienced that when someone comes to our house we try to be best of the host by doing all the things possible in this world. That is what exactly we do with the services we host on our servers, the only difference is we don't... read more

Search Marketing

You don't need any analysis or any fancy graphs to tell you that whenever we search something on search engines like google we don't go beyond 3rd page or till 4th page even we have enough of free time. So its needless to say for ... read more

Mobile Apps

Mobile does that sound like a family..we guess yes. we need it to do everything today from start of the day by using alarm, checking messages some good some not so good, checking mails , chats, movies, songs and yes sometimes even we use it to calculate 100x1 or 1+1 etc. Today we need mobile... read more


Who doesn't want to become a brand but what is the brand? how a brand is made? who makes the brand? Ok this might sound like too many question and bit stressful. So why not leave this on Webfries and you focus on paying us to do that. We at Webfries understand and believe more

Customized Applications

What does IT applications do in our day to day life? Hmmm...If you are still thinking we will tell you It helps us to automate things. We can survive without applications but cannot compete in today's competitive world you still thinking why? We will answer you... read more

News Desk

10th March, 2014 - Webfries delivered revamped website for Ladakh Marathon, its an event in which marathon takes place at the highest altitude in the whole world. Website can be checked on

18th February, 2014 - We are proud to share that we have cut a business video for Elegant Casa and getting great reviews of the same. You also check out the video available on

23th January, 2014 - Neeraj Bhagat & Co.-Leading Chartered Accountant in India is taking services from Webfries. Very recently we have made an animated micro video for them showing the value they bring on table in short span video. Check out the link available on

2nd DECEMBER, 2013 - Webfries has won projects from leading logistic companies in India and revamping their website

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