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Best UI, UX Tools which can’t be ignored by a Designer

User Interface and User Experience play a key role in your viewers’ instant judgment about the website. The digital presence of a brand and its impact is ruthlessly dependant on these two factors. While the user interface is two balls of the same court, it is important for them to synchronize their way through the viewer’s mind to create a memorable online experience. While coders have been playing with interesting tools to surprise their web visitors, there are 5 such tools that can undoubtedly win repeated clicks for you!


Though this may seem to be a basic one, you can enjoy 2 more cups of coffee and reduce at least an hour of your designing, if this tool is implemented. A simple one can automatically trace the shape of your freehand drawing; it is best used for designing basic website structures. Designers spend quite a bit of time in designing and re-designing on their notepads till they hit the peak of their creativity. This tool helps them to work directly on their comp and also gives them a glance of the final-look.


An impressive presentation is what it takes to win a client. With the help of this tool, you can link your sketches, wireframes to make prototypes quickly. You can carry your creative team with you and track their progress wherever you are. Managing deadlines and design alterations can be done in a jiffy when you are connected with your team. Each individual’s daily agenda can be tracked and a full day’s work progress will be dropped as one single email you by EOD.


Coding and designing is an ongoing job. While you wrack your brain and make constant betterments to your website, this tool will be hand for you. Simply upload all images or wireframes, make comparisons, and test your navigation functionality, wording & spacing and also your rough sketches. Once you are convinced, publish it and BINGO! The test link will be on your screen. Make a well-informed final call at ease.


In spite of 100% perfect functionality of the website, any web owner would be happy to receive direct feedback from their visitors. In spite of the ongoing research on the latest Digi improvements, a genuine viewer’s opinions about your site are far more valuable and rewarding. Polldaddy is a great tool to win instant gratification that you care for their opinions. You can collect their feedback via the web, email, IPAD or social and the report delivers their message crystal clear.


Save the milk before it spills! Why wait all the way to make changes and alterations after the website is done and dusted. Specific requests from a client involve in-depth market research into the target group. Every client’s vision is unique and their target customers can even be one in a 100. UserTesting is a tool that can help you reach that one person. All you need to do is, bring out your biggest doubts from a coding and designing perspective and hear what your target customers expect from you!

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