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5 Potholes to avoid on the road to Successful Web designing

Building a website may sound a child’s play, but the real catch is to make it practically usable. This is made possible with the right cooperation and understanding between an entrepreneur and the chosen agency. The website is part of your brand strategy and reflects how you conduct business and think of your customers, both online and offline.

Your website is your presence in the virtual world. It is an asset with an ever-growing value. Yes, asset !!! It is an asset as much as any other entity that you have invested your time and money in, to make your brand a success. Therefore, it’s your duty to take charge of the things and lead a team of website architects, graphic designers, developers, and copywriters to maintain this quality asset online. But these are 5 big pitfalls that can put a break on your journey.

Beauty without Brains

Beauties without Brains are turn-offs. The same is true with the websites. One common slip-up generally entrepreneurs have is that they give looks and creativity priority over usability and practicality.

A good design is more about how it works, not how it looks.

It is actually the right blend of form and function. Of course, it is important to ensure that fonts are correct, the graphics are good, but such concerns shouldn’t take the driving seat otherwise you are in for an accident. After all, people have come to your website to answer their needs and not to visit an art gallery.

Over the board creativity isn’t the way to go. It rather may distract. In fact, some websites have differently designed web pages on one website, believing that it will look splendid. It doesn’t, period.

Moreover, image-rich, flashy websites would take ages to load on mobile and on top of that they won’t look good on mobile devices. In the era of smart devices and on-the-go connectivity, this is a risk best avoided. So, identify where to draw the line.

Weak Foundation

Skyscrapers are not built on weak foundations.

Entrepreneurs when over-excited about getting a graphically astonishing website to tend to ignore the foundation and the basics of web design.

Before building your house, you get a floor plan done. Similarly, the website needs design architecture to serve the audience right. The basics are to plan things early and develop a website blueprint much before you put your graphic designer and developer on work to turn your imaginations into reality.

Many entrepreneurs make the blunder of hammering nails without putting in some sweat to create the proper plan. And then end up putting up the blame that the designing company didn’t do a good job. In fact, the designing team might have done their best already but they were soldiers without a general.

Hire a strategist in place to assist you with planning and architecture. Not having a plan or having a flawed plan will lead to unforeseen obstacles and the final web design will look lousy.

Researching just to be Different

Don’t waste your time checking other websites only to be different. All organizations have different needs and target audiences. The best web design for you is the one that works and connects with your audience. An experienced strategist & Web design company in Tirunelveli together will share striking work based upon the given visual concept. Trust them as they know their job, pretty well. So, don’t just aimlessly hop from one site to another to figure out the elements you ‘shouldn’t’ have on your website, just because you want your site to look ‘different’ from the league.

Shallow Pockets

Whether you’re a ‘talk of the town’ organization or a ‘new kid on the block’ start-up, it makes sense to determine how many dollars you can spare. This may include funds for development, content, web design, web hosting, and discussing it all with the right marketing strategist. Figure it out well in advance and take into account all the aspects of web-designing and where all the money will go in.

Remember, taking the ‘Do-It-Yourself’way and writing your own content or designing websites may save you a few green bucks, but it will keep you from creating a good first impression unless you’re a professional in this industry.

A good website starts at Rs.50,000 and goes up to Rs. 10 Lakhs depending upon your business and goals. Anything less than that may look like a cheap imitation.

So measure your pockets well in advance and spend as per your need to get a website to suit your brand.

Hold the reins

Last but not least, make sure that you register your domain and buy your web hosting and manage them yourself. Keep tight control of these two aspects. 90% of the Entrepreneurs hand over the booking and hosting to a Web design company in Salem itself and this may turn into a nightmare. No matter how trusted the development company is, hold the reins of these two initial steps of your digital presence in your hands.

The bottom line is that planning a website ahead of time will pay big time – it’s a great investment actually and treat it exactly the same way. With a plan in mind, you can have exactly the same digital presence that you dreamt of and that serves you well for years to come.




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