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Common Mistakes Done By Web Developers

Probably the most saturated job in India. “Hi, I am a web developer”. Well, what else is new? “I have 5 years of experience” So do 1200 engineers joined the same course 5 years ago. This field requires immense experience and continuous learning and however, why does the customer experience lacks a 5-star rating? What are the top 5 common mistakes done by these engineers that make the users click the X in less than a few minutes?

Mistake #1

Your coding can be top-notch and you might have used all the knowledge in those 700 pages‘ textbooks, killing every bug that comes your way. But why should the site look so boring? Why use the most predictable mainstream design, making a customer feel as if he is watching a movie that was released 10 years before he was born? My hard-working engineers, as much as you spend time behind the screen, spend equal time in throwing some glamour on the screen too with a stunning design that makes your user hard to let go of you!

Mistake #2

So you have nailed the web dynamics and there is a strong site on your users’ screen that just can’t crash. You have re-worked on your design and employed a few designers who know a bit more than software tools. Now we are all set to win our users’ hearts. Oh, Wait? Why is your website content in gibberish? With upcoming creativity that has been blooming all over social media, your viewers deserve to see some good words across the screen. Throw away the textbook style of 12342 worded content and allow your communication to be short and sweet, to the point and most importantly engaging. Playing with words is important to get the next date with your customers. Show them how interesting your site really is, without blathering for pages and pages.

Mistake #3

Our web developers revel in their knowledge and stay updated on the latest trends in the virtual world. However, let it not cloud your own creativity. Many of the developers, simply end up creating their website as a mix and match of their favorite high-in-traffic sites, unintentionally. This may be seen by your viewer too and they may simply label the site “too wannabe”. Continue to stay updated and knowledgeable, however, let your creativity stay not slither in the backseat. Bring it to the foreground ant and experiment with it to the fullest. Throw something new on the screen and shock your viewers every time they visit you

Mistake #4

A layman is completely unaware of the fact of why a website crashes. All he is worried about is, he was about to click the “buy now” and when the screen reads, “Oops please visit us later”, be sure he is never going to visit you again. Even if it is an everyday job to keep your site up and running which might take a lot of time keeping it clean from bugs, go ahead. It is ok when the customer doesn’t linger on your website long enough, but your screen needs to be alive if he changes mind and visits you again.

Mistake #5

Loading… Loading… Loading… Loading… It has been 5 seconds your viewer just jumped to Google again. Along with making a design and content friendly website, build a site that doesn’t eat up your users’ 3G and his time. A quick-to-load website will instantly attract your viewers to spend some more time with your virtual creation. This will also make them keep you on a pedestal by bookmarking you. Making your girlfriend and your customer wait can and will always lead to disasters.

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