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How website culture varies from country to country!

In the last 3+ years, Webfries has garnered customers from across the globe – different continents and several different countries. We have earned our experience of designing and developing the website for different sectors across 12+ countries now. One prominent thing we have noticed is that the culture of the site developed for different regions is different. Sounds amusing! It’s a fact really. Requirements and expectations of the customer from the US are different from the UK client. End-user from China need something relevant to their local market taste and Japanese firms need it differently as per their aesthetics taste.

With e-commerce becoming a regular feature on websites, websites have taken businesses to a global scale. Consumers can place an order on different countries site and get the products at their residence however one striking thing which has been observed is if the website is not customized as per their local needs, chances of conversion goes down significantly. My strong gut feeling is Search Engines also throws the site on top which has local connect.

The culture of any website is decided by the style of fonts, color usage, pictures, sitemap, etc. It may come as a surprise even type of content varies from country to country. To give a simple example, we felt US customers are more willing to include testimonials & Social media integration on the site as compared to European customers. And European customers are found to be keener in integrating the search bar on sites. There are several such differentiators observed while designing and developing the websites.

Colors and images are found to have different sort of acceptance across territories, US customers are generally fine with images of smiling people or their local community pics however UK customers demand more artistry in that. European customers like to experiment more with colors, they never shy of using blunt colors which has an appeal. Japanese customers are wanting for business colors and style overall.

While designing the website, understand the target market. It should aptly be designed to meet the local market needs. While sitting in the market with time, web development companies identify the requirements, Just in case, it’s unclear to get the answer best way is to reach out to the audience and get the facts arranged.

If the target is to promote the products/ services in different countries, you need an international appeal on the site. The site developed for the local market will need revisions to make it more apt for international audiences. Images, language on the site if it’s in accordance with the local zone of the end-user, you can bet to make profits using the site.

Webfries is a web designing and development company serving customers in 12+ countries, for any such requirement buzz us at +91 124-4382-633. You can also visit us at www.webfries.com



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