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The Malfoys and the Potters of the Social Media

Welcome to Hogwarts. (It is called Social Media in this universe)

  • You would triple your revenues by opening a twitter account
  • One blog and you would be the next on Oprah
  • Create your organization facebook page at 12 in the night and you will have hordes of traffic by 4 in the morning

These might be true in some other universe but I am sure you would not be so naïve to actually believe any one of these. But there are many who believe that social media and especially Facebook is one magic land where all this is actually real.

Social media is the number one advertising technique in today’s business realm. Not having a strong social media presence is like never turning on your ‘We are open’ sign.

As per a study was done by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, 83% of consumers would be keen to try a product based solely on the company’s social media presence.

Facebook, one of the most popular social media sites, has the capability to radically boost a business’s brand image, as well as its bottom line. But many businesses forego this opportunity because they just don’t know how to manage their Facebook pages. The same way as Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter were learning the same magic from the same school but It was only Harry who did wonders and Draco always made a mess of the things.

We will ensure it’s not your story. You just need to make sure to read on


The Malfoy way: Broadcasting your message or pushing your business or products too frequently can dent your reputation. This is a self-goal that most of the businesses commit. Rather than attracting potential customers to your page, it actually fends them off, and can even make your current customers to “unfollow” you as this may seem irksome.

The Potter Way: Share stimulating, engaging content. Make use of the tools Facebook offers in the “Insights” section of your page to study the demographics of your followers and then target your messages to that group.

For instance, if your target audience is females between 25 and 40 years of age, then sharing articles related to raising children will hit a bull’s eye. If readers appreciate your content, they’re more likely to share it on their own pages, bringing more exposure to you. Your followers get good information and you get “shares.” It’s a win-win.


The Malfoy way: Another of the common Facebook slip-ups businesses make is not giving enough time for managing their pages. Taking a “create it, float it and forget it” approach won’t open any doors of opportunity in the world of social media.

Facebook rewards effort. The more you post, the more exposure you receive.

The Potter Way: Stay on top of your Facebook page. A good approach to start with is crafting two posts per day, and observing where that takes you. You may decide to increase frequency based on response. Though the key message is to maintain quality… Though, frequency would be of no use if you make the first mistake stated here – broadcasting the same message too often.

Keep the variety alive in the posts you create (quotes, pictures, articles, etc.) in order to keep readers interested and engrossed.


The Malfoyway: Ignore complaint and you will have more of them. This is another of the Facebook blunder businesses make, and can easily be evaded.

Let’s face it; each and every business has a few unhappy customers. Ignoring them is the most effective way to create a negative campaign, in case you really want that.

The Potter Way: Address grievances publicly on your page. It is irrelevant whether you are at fault or not; do something to placate the complainer, even if that means taking the responsibility for something over which you truly had no control. Your audience will appreciate and admire your level of maturity and that will do the trick for you. Expelliarmus !!!


The Malfoy way: Cover photos are for college-going, pimple ridden teenyboppers. If you think this way, you are on your way Azkaban.

The cover photo on your Facebook page gives the first image to people about your business. Indifferently putting up the first picture you can find surely won’t score with anyone

The Potter Way: Take the time and find an appropriate image that truly captures the quintessence of your business. Whether you search something online, or you may need to take out a camera and click a photo yourself. Either way, put in the effort to make your page cast a spell on the audience, the moment they see it.


The Malfoy way: Pushing for heaps of likes won’t profit you if all those likes are from people who’ll on no occasion actually do business with you. Some marketers have the wrong impression that all that matters is your quantity of likes when the most important thing is actually the quality of likes on your page.

The Potter Way: You can’t fool your customers who have access to who actually have liked your page. Target the users who fit your criteria for great leads. Request your current customers to like your page and share it with their networks. Posting content pertinent to your target audience will also aid to get you the all-important qualified likes.

Facebook is like the magic spell that if done right can do a wonderful job for the growth of your business, beyond the wildest of imaginations. By dodging all the above-mentioned Facebook pitfalls, you’ll be on your way to having an astonishing page and a well-qualified following.

Now you know all the magic spells. Welcome to Hogwarts.




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