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What works best in Digital Marketing today?

Y2015 belonged to Digital Marketing, on a global level it has gained the acceptance of a very effective means of marketing and reaching out to the customers. There are surplus activities being done by marketers based on their understanding-some remains effective and some remain an eyewash. We have prepared a list of digital marketing activities checklist which has proven to be very effective in reaching out to your target segment.

Video Content and its originality

Move over images, here come the videos. Videos especially micro-videos have become very important. In-fact big brands are banking heavenly on it. Start-up is making inroads with very effective yet crisp videos. Content is the king, original content is acting as a differentiator. I hope you didn’t miss great videos from Airbnb or blabla cars.

Stories about real incidents and people

Did you see the video from Apple for iphone6 where real people are sharing their real stories? It creates an impact! Didn’t it? Consumers want to view great experiences about the product from real people. It creates a human touch and viewpoint. Testimonials are a great way of marketing.

Mobile-Mobile everywhere

E-commerce giants are moving their entire focus on mobile devices. Uber, Airbnb, facebook etc are so wildly used because they are on mobile. Marketers are making sure that products should mobile-centric. Digital marketing becomes lethal when the app/ product can be used on mobile with a great end-user experience and serves a purpose.

Personal touch

Personalization has become a need of the day. Marketing/ targeting at a local level with relevant content has made digital marketing quite a personal one. Big data and analytics are making sure marketing becomes more and more at a personalized level.

Connect emotionally

It is evident videos with emotional content get more likes, shares and very positive comments. It should have a human connection where consumers should feel related and create a very positive perception of the brand.

You simply can’t ignore visuals

The picture still speaks more than 1000 words. The appeal of images is not diminishing at all rather with infographics becoming such an important thing, the importance of visuals has gone multifold. Popular platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. are making it an effective digital marketing tool.

Multi-channel advertising is essential

To create a brand recall, it is imperative for marketers to follow multiple routes to reach out to the end-users. If a consumer hears the brand name from multiple sources, in all likelihood you will remain the choice when the buying times come.

Humor helps

Memes can help in touching the right chord with the audience. Amul advertisements are classical example of it. If done correctly and consistently, consumers start knowing you for it and they remain your loyal customers.

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