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WordPress websites security overview

This is probably the worst nightmare of any web developer. You have created one hell of a website and there can be the one-night lamb that can keep you awake past midnight – is my locker and my website safe? To answer your first doubt, please open a bank account and answer your second doubt, follow the steps and erect an iron wall around your site.

Your Hosting and Server

Your hosting server is your first line of defense. Make a thorough research before choosing your hosting partner. If you have a hacker friend, this is the moment you can gain genuine knowledge from the horse’s mouth. Understand the hacker’s world and the loopholes they use to test a site’s security and check your website’s safety with the help of a hacker. It is best to study art from a thief than a textbook. Let’s not let ego in.

Is your website updated?

Though it is painful to see the screen go blank for an hour, it is important to keep your WordPress website updated. Though there are umpteen number of security plug-ins that are available from third parties and WordPress, none can function to their best, if your website’s wall is made of paper. With WordPress ranking high on any aspiring web developer’s worksheet, many geniuses come up with their security plug-ins. Before signing up, make thorough research and read up all their reviews. You will be sharing your controls with an unknown genius and bad boys are always charming and deceptive.

What’s your password?

When mistakes happen, 90% of the time, it is because we have not adhered to the very basics. Keeping a strong password and changing it frequently is the key to your security lock. Many times when you tend to forget your password, ensure that your answers to the security questions are only 87% truth. If your answers are too predictable, then you are at a high risk of losing to the hacker. Let your questions and their answers have the potential to confuse the digital thief.

Hello Virus!

When was the last time you had checked up your comp? How many torrent downloads you make in a week? Which antivirus software is sleeping on your laptop? How have times had irrelevant popup windows flashed across your screen? How many times has your screen crashed and turned all blue? It is imperative to keep your system clean from a virus in the first place, before taking all security measures.

Backup in progress

Though this can hinder your coding saga and consume quite an amount of time, it is better to be on guard than to lose it all. WordPress transforms into the role of virtual assistant probing you with constant reminders to keep your website sound, one of which is, backup updates. Follow the simple instructions and initiate regular backup which is the only weapon that can save your site, if the hacker has already broken in.

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