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Workplace collaboration – Can you rely on Chat Apps!

Organizations are looking for means to collaborate more and more effectively so as to get maximum utilization out from each team member. With so much data flowing around between team members in the form of mails and cloud storage, it’s becoming a challenge to keep a proper track of who’s who of every bit and byte. The digital world has several cloud storage companies and on top of the file, sync players are making it a more competitive landscape. It’s worse when it boils down to the price cuts to acquire the customers. Let’s check out in which direction work collaboration features are evolving.

The whole purpose is to make it easier for colleagues to communicate with each other in the organization. Chat tools like WhatsApp and Snapchat have become so popular which gives an interesting opportunity to integrate it into the whole solution to make the entire solution so much effective. Almost everyone either on a professional or personal level is using chat engine to remain connected with friends/ folks., with chat engine integration ideas and jokes can be shared and also can be linked with cloud storage where data is stored, indexed and accessed anytime-anywhere.

New technology is enabling better collaboration – the front interface is generally a chat interface, users create work-related tasks and docs are exchanged using the same tool. Docs are indexed properly in the database of the messaging server. It negates the usage of mailing all the time. Tools available allow the users to create rooms for different groups within an organization – Developer’s/ sales/ logistics etc. Important updates can be shared via twitter etc. as they can easily be updated on it.

It takes time for anything new becomes available to become a norm – the way organization structures are becoming complex with each passing day, evolving collaboration tools is one of the best ways to keep it simplified. Just imagine, if the majority of things work out via chat, it will allow much faster decision making, reaching out to the right people in a quick time. Important factor to make it a success is that documents are indexed well.

As an organization is you keeping an eye on adopting Chat Apps for work collaboration at your workplace?



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