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How to check if your website is Mobile Friendly?

Today, more individuals are getting to the Internet on their tablets and advanced cell phones. Today’s web user could be, actually from anyplace. They may be searching your site from the traveler seat of a moving vehicle, strolling down the road, or holding up in line at a store. They could be utilizing one of a large number of diverse devices. The one thing that they will all have in like manner is that they will have little persistence for a clunky site. So company web sites must be accessible from the device of any size. There are many website development companies in India, who are extremely capable in creating responsive designs, mobile-friendly websites, table-less designs and animation based designs.

If you recently switched your website into a responsive one and you’re curious to check that whether your site is mobile-friendly or not – the following tools will help you in this regard.


This test really will let you know more about how Googlebot will see your page as opposed to how your mobile phone visitors may see it. That itself is extremely useful on the grounds that you can utilize their outcome for SEO purposes also. In the event that your site passes through the test, you will see a green message that says Awesome! This page is responsive/ mobile friendly. In the event that it doesn’t pass, the message will be read and say not mobile-friendly.

If your site does not breeze through the mobile test, it will likewise give you the reasons why it failed, for example, the text is more extensive than the screen or links are excessively near one another. This is the tool that demonstrates to you if Google considers your page mobile-friendly or not. In the event that the device says “no” then the page will be pushed down in the mobile indexed lists for comparative pages from different destinations that are responsive.


When you view your site in Page Speed Insights, it will let you know A LOT of data. It will demonstrate screenshots of what it would seem that on mobile and desktop and additionally give you speed scores for both mobile and desktop also.

Along with speed scores, it gives random data about what you ought to settle, what you ought to consider altering and the things you’ve officially done effectively. By a wide margin my most loved rate test device for testing sites on both mobile and desktop. Numerous web designing company in India performs this test for quality assurance – to check whether the website designed by them is mobile-friendly or not?


BrowserStack gives you a genuine screenshot of how your site looks on every gadget. In some situations that is significantly more accommodating, moreover, there is a drawback to it. Since it needs to stack the site on every individual gadget and take a screenshot, it can be somewhat slow. BrowserStack is a paid administration.

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