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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Irresistible Sales Offer & Boosting Your Sales Volumes

You’ve spent hundreds of hours on building the perfect product, have refined and tweaked your sales pitch endless times, updated your site, and worked on your sales funnels.

Still, you are not able to meet the desired sales numbers and volumes. You begin to doubt your product/service. What went wrong? Is it time to kill the product/service and start again from scratch?


Here, in today’s guide, we explain what’s wrong and how to fix it, and get your sales volumes back on track.

If your sales volumes are not increasing, even when you are sure you have a good product – the problem lies not with your product but the offer.

While a good product is an essential starting point, it isn’t enough. You have to work on creating an irresistible sales offer, to get people to notice your product, add it to their shopping cart and carry on till check out.

In this post, we show you how to create an irresistible sales offer that sells, right from scratch. We want you to follow along and complete each step before moving on to the next.

Step 1 – Start from the Basics

Write the name of the product you are looking to sell. Don’t write your brand name or a generic name. Instead, write down the specific name of the one product that you want to sell.

For instance, if you are selling jute clutches for women, write down, “Jute everyday clutches for women,” instead of writing “woman’s purse.”

Ok, now that you’ve written the product name, note that we haven’t mentioned anything about the offer, price and other details. We’ll get to all that later. For now, just write down the name of the product/service.

Step 2 – Write down the price of the Product/Service

In this step, you should have something written, that looks like this:

  • Product: Jute everyday clutches for women.
  • Cost: Rs. 500/-

Ok, while technically this isn’t the final offer, this step creates a good starting point. Sadly, most entrepreneurs and marketers think this as the final offer, hoping the product sells. But that isn’t all. To make your product connect with your target audience and get them to open their wallets, you need to go more than this and create a compelling offer.

Continue reading to find out how to nail that.

Step 3 – Specify Payment Terms

You need to make your customers understand that they are getting value with this offer. There are two approaches here:

  1. Give people the option of breaking up the payment into multiple smaller payments. Works well for expensive products.


  • Product: Learn how to hand-make a jute wallet for women
  • Cost: Rs. 3000/-
  • Payment Terms: Three monthly payments of Rs. 1000/-

This technique works well for higher-priced items. This gives the illusion of easily manageable one-time payments.

  1. The second technique is to provide customers who make instant payments with a small discount, as an incentive.


  • Product: Learn how to hand-make a jute wallet for women
  • Cost: Rs. 3000/-
  • Payment Terms: Pay just Rs. 2800/- if you register within two days

This is a great technique to make people provide you with the complete cost immediately.

Step 4 – Hook in Customers with a Discount

Discounts are time-tested ways to make people take notice of your offer. Retailers use discounts all the time to get customers to make a purchase. The one major drawback of discounts is that it eats into your profit margins. But, then offering a discount helps you increase your total volume of sales, which increases your overall profit levels.

With that said, the benefits of discounts are many – it gives people the final push to complete a sale. It’s a powerful incentive. Another major benefit of a discount is that it gets people in the door (that is on your website). Once you pull in traffic to your site, these people may end up buying other non-discounted products, thereby increasing your overall sales volumes.


  • Product: Learn how to hand-make a jute wallet for women
  • Cost: Rs. 3000/-
  • Discount: Introductory sale at 50% off – now for just Rs. 1500/-

Now, that you’ve outlined the payment and price, it’s time to make your offer irresistible with a sweet deal.


All products become more appealing when the seller offers a free bonus or special gift. Here’s an example:

  • Product: Learn how to hand-make a jute wallet for women
  • Cost: Rs. 3000/-
  • Discount: Introductory sale at 50% off – now for just Rs. 1500/-
  • Bonus: Take home a free wallet making kit, with all required supplies

The trick here is to be creative and innovative with the bonuses you offer. For instance, take the case of a handmade soap manufacturer who focuses on earth-friendly packaging. The brand’s target customers are individuals who care about the environment and are looking to reduce their packaging wastes. By offering a small freebie like a “bamboo toothbrush” or a “reusable cotton shopping bag,” the brand gives the target customers a push to close the sale.


Simply put, a bundle clubs several products/services as part of the same offer. The biggest draw of bundles is that if a customer were to purchase each product in the bundle separately, it would cost more than purchasing the bundle.

A good example of this is the combo meal – burger + fries + drink offered at fast-food chains. If you look more, you can find a huge number of brands offering bundled products. For instance, insurance companies offer a discount on premiums, when a policyholder purchases both life and medical insurance from the same insurer.


One of the major hurdles from the perspective of the buyer is – what to do if they don’t like the product/service? Is it a waste of money?

Use this to your advantage by offering a risk reverser, like no questions asked returns policy, free 7-day returns, and more.

Another way to reduce the buyer’s risk is by offering a free trial period. This works well for services. This is a great way to get customers to try your product.


FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a major push factor in getting people to complete the purchase. You need to create a sense of urgency with your offer. Urgency makes people purchase your product right now, instead of putting it for another day. There are several ways to do this:

  • Scarcity – Only x numbers left in stock. Only x seats left.
  • Deadline – Offer available only during this weekend.

The key here is that once the deadline passes, you should revise the product to its original price or pull it off from the shelves so that people know that you are not bluffing about the urgency.


By the time you complete step 8, you would have written an irresistible offer. The final step is polishing your wordings, adding catchy headlines, tags, and cutting down extra words.

Next what? Publish the offer you have created on your various marketing channels – email, website, PPC, social media marketing, and more.

That’s it. Try these steps out for a product/service and see how it goes. Cheers!

If you need any help on improving your digital marketing techniques or require assistance on figuring what went wrong, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here at WebFries.


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