The ‘Who’, the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ of Webfries

These three W’s are more than question for us. It forms our very identity.

Webfries Awarded Company of the Year 2019  by BusinessConnect



Webfries is one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Agencies headquartered in India with its presence around the globe. We have a humble past, a confident present and a marvelous future.

We have opened our wings and our team size is increasing every year. We hire only high-grade professionals who love what they do and are always high on energy. They are the reason – our customers trust us with more and more business every day and new customers are finding it profitable to do business with us. 750+ customers across 5 continents have shown faith in our quality of work and the number is growing as you read. We have done almost everything under the sun for our clients. SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, Personal Branding, Email Marketing, Website Development, Videos, Animated Videos, Events and the list is long and ever-growing. With Sales and Projects office in Gurgaon (10kms from Delhi Airport) and Development Centre in Nashik we have achieved the delivery of easy to very complex projects at optimum budgets. We have representatives stationed in Boston(US), London(UK) and Dubai(UAE). This all just in a span of 8 years!!!

So, whether you are a start-up, a mid-sized organization or a big corporate with a multi-pronged digital strategy or no strategy in mind as yet, Webfries is there for you.


Webfries has an edge. But what makes us have this edge?

It is the ‘Triple E’ methodology that helps us to work as a single unit and focused on results, all the time. This is our organization-wide mantra that resonates in every one of us and in everything that we do.


Make the most of available resources


Keep goal in mind and align every task that you do towards the goal


Speak your mind. Let your creative juices flow. Enhance the Brand, customer’s and ours.

Over the years, everything about Webfries has changed except this guiding principle. We hold it close to our hearts as it guides us to pour our hearts out into anything and everything that we accomplish.


This is a question every client asks before giving us the business or for that matter giving business to anyone. But at Webfries, we ask the client to provide us an answer to this when we see that smile on his face with wonder-struck eyes. Our work speaks for the clients and our clients speak for us. We believe in letting the best person do the job and our satisfied clients are for sure the best to speak about us.

Our each and every campaign is planned to be result oriented where focus is on the conversions.

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