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11 must use SEO tips for web designers

Web Design and Search engine optimization go hand in hand when it comes to a successful website. The Design of a website is the art of providing information to visitors whereas SEO acts as a gallery that can be searched by the leading search engines.

Let’s provide you 11 must use SEO tips that every web designer should consider while making an effective website.

Site structure – As per the SEO techniques, site structure is one of the most important aspects of a website. Site structure is all about organizing all web pages in a website, all of your pages should be connected and functional which makes them easy to be searched by the search engines.

Navigation – This is important for both SEO and user experience, we want the user to find all the relevant pages in the shortest number of clicks. The mantra for effective navigation is to make it simple, make it short and make it usable.

Tip: Always prefer the JavaScript menu over the flash menu as the flash menu is not easily read by search engines.

Meta Description – Search engines make use of the description meta tag as the description in their index. So it’s vital to label your pages correctly. This lets search engines to index them and helps customers find your pages.

Content- You may have all the keywords in the world, but if your content is dull, people won’t stick around on your site and search engines won’t tag your site as valuable.

Optimized Images- However smart the search engines are, they simply can’t ‘see’ what an image looks like. This is where the alt attribute of an image comes to rescue. Use the alt attribute of an image to properly describe it. This is also used by the ‘screen reader’ software. Failing to do this can cost you a considerable amount of traffic from image searches.

Optimized URL- Make sure that you’re optimizing your URLs using hyphenated keywords. If your blog post is about white tiger preservation, your URL should be white-tiger-preservation.

Bear in mind your target keywords and use them in the heading of your blog post, as well as in your blog post URL. It’s one more way to optimize your site and make them search engines friendly.

*Caution* Avoid joining all the words together. And, avoid underscores (_).

Site Speed- As per research results, 40% of visitors will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s exactly the time you took to read this sentence. You surely SEO company in Chennai want to impress visitors with your too-cool-for-school designs, but if almost half of the new visitors won’t even stay there to see it, would it do any good?

Slow speed also has a negative impact on SEO. Google has openly admitted that loading speed is one of the top measures that are used to determine your page ranking

Use a consistent URL- When building a site, make a decision right from the beginning if you want to use or drop the “www” and once you decide, stick with it. Search engines would take and as two different sites and would make them as having duplicate content, which you would not want at any cost.

Don’t duplicate content on your site (AVOID) – One trick that spammers often like to use is to create one page and then post it in numerous locations across domains. The big idea is that if there are plenty of copies of the page, it will get seen by more people. But if you see them from search engines’ perspective duplicate content is a waste of their server space SEO company in Chennai while not providing good information to their customers and they avoid it like a plague. If a search engine smells a rat that your site is spamming them with multiple copies, they will be quick to ban your site.

Don’t write bad or incorrect HTML (AVOID) Most search engines don’t purposely discriminate against incorrectly coded pages, but if the spider fails to read the page because of bad HTML, then it won’t get indexed. Validate your HTML recurrently and make sure to eliminate any issues that are there, so that they don’t affect the page being viewed by a simple user-agent or screen reader.

Don’t have broken links on your site (AVOID) – Broken links make your site look untidy, and they hint at what you don’t manage your site very well. Search engines like to have only the highest quality results and they may penalize sites with lots of broken links. Put to use a link checker every so often to make sure that your links are in good shape.



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