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Top 5 Ways to Impress Your Customers with Stellar Customer Service on your Site

Before we head into today’s article, one quick question, “What’s the No.1 reason you approached a website development company to create a website for your business in the first place?” Nearly 99% of you would respond with the answer, “To generate Leads.”

Yep, most business owners launch a website to generate leads and improve conversion rates. You may have a great SEO campaign, an efficient page design, optimized design, and a stellar UI. But, if you don’t have a well-planned and efficient communication strategy, then you can be sure that the

thousands (or even millions) of page views that you generate, won’t lead anywhere.

Online Conversions matter for all Businesses

Your website is often the first point where you engage in one-to-one conversations with your potential clients. This is where you wave the magic wand to transform target customers to loyal customers. How do you make it happen? What’s the trick?

Imagine this scenario. A prospective client lands on your website either from your social media pages or via an online search. When he/she sees the contact form, they are reluctant to type in their email ids or phone numbers. There are two reasons for this.

One, the person is wary of security and doesn’t feel comfortable handing out their details to yet another site. They don’t want to be bombarded with spam. Two, the person is looking for instant answers with little effort. They don’t want to waste their time typing in all their info, only to get no reply from the business.

As a business owner, you have to ensure that your website addresses these two major issues. Follow these steps given below to streamline your customer service and thereby gain the trust and support of clients.

Let’s dig in.

Make it Easy for the User to fill the Contact Form

This is the biggest mantra you have to follow to win the loyalty and trust of online customers. Remember that in today’s hyper-paced world no one has the time nor patience to wait in line or do an in-depth search to find what they are looking for on your site. Also, all users are wary about sharing their personal info on a strange website.

Your job here is to remove all obstacles so that you motivate the customer to take the leap. Here’s what you can do to simplify things for the potential client.

Simplicity is the Key for Contact Forms – While you may be tempted to gain more insight about the user, keep the questions simple and short on contact forms. Don’t intimidate the user by asking personal questions. Instead, just stick to the person’s name and email address. Other information like phone number, contact address, gender, and age are optional and use them judiciously. Personal information like marital status and salary drawn are a big No.

Use one-column forms for quick contacts – These forms have the label boxes directly above the form fields. Studies show that users save time and are more likely to fill such forms. This is because they have to move their eyes only up and down and not laterally.

Large-Input boxes are In – This is a new design trend that has been quickly catching up. They are fun to fill and also help you limit the number of fields on the form.

Create an FAQ section if you don’t have one – An FAQ section is one of the most important parts of a website but sadly often neglected. It’s nothing but a page listing all the common questions asked by customers along with the answers. More than 80% of times, all customer service queries are recurrent and can be solved easily by the client when they have the right answer. Include an FAQ section on your website if you don’t already have one. Make sure that it’s visible and easily accessible from all parts of the site.

A Clear, Stand-out Action Button – Even if you don’t implement any of the other tips mentioned above, this one is a must. Place the action button in a prominent color at the lower right corner of the contact form. This helps the user get a clear idea of what must be done. Keep the message simple, concise and to the point.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

When you design a site, try to stick to convention. Don’t move things around just for the sake of doing so. Remember that some design strategies help users navigate their way around your site easily. Make use of tried and tested design elements. Always bear in mind that lower the effort put in by the user, the higher are the chances for them to stick around.

Use the phrase “Contact Us” – While it may sound boring or even clichéd, make sure that you use the phrase for the contact page. Customers have seen thousands of websites, and they don’t spend time reading every word and article on your site. Their brains have been conditioned to recognize these two words quickly and get in touch with you.

Contact info and phone number go at the top right corner – Instead of placing your phone number and email id as an image, use HTML tags. This way when a user browses your page on their mobile, they’ll be able to launch a call quickly.

Offer multiple options to the user

Remember that your customer wants convenient and instant ways to reach your customer support team. So make sure to provide different support channels to suit different styles of users. For instance, the older generation may feel comfortable contacting you via voice calls or over emails, whereas Millennials may prefer reaching to you via instant chat and social media.

Make sure that you keep the options wide open so that any user can choose a particular channel depending on his/her preference.

Also, make it easy for the customer to find the answers by themselves. Apart from the FAQ page, you can also try YouTube videos. These videos are an excellent way to demonstrate how-to’s, tutorials, product demos and to explain complicated topics to the user.

Increase the user-friendliness of your site

While this may seem obvious, ensure that your website is optimized for all platforms including desktops, mobiles, and other handheld devices. Make sure that your web pages load quickly and there are no technical glitches. According to a study by Google, if a web page doesn’t load within three seconds, you’re likely to lose the customer.

During website development, focus on all details that add to the client’s experience like a helpful automated response, streamlined check-out pages, and a warm thank-you page, to offer the best viewing experience to the end-user.

Travel the Extra Mile to Wow your Customers

Very often what impresses the customer is what made them feel special. A hand-written thank-you note with every order or a warm, welcome note explaining how happy you’re to have them onboard are some ways to make the customer feel special.

A surprise gift or discount on the birthdays/anniversaries of customers or free shipping for regular customers are ways in which you can make them feel extra “special.”


Here’s an interesting statistic to consider: 9 out of 10 customers are likely to share a good customer service experience. Similarly, 95% of customers are sure to share their bad experience on social media.

So, what do you want your customers to talk about you? While it’s true that improving the customer service at the organizational level requires a bit of an effort, it makes a world of difference between you and your competitors.

Stay ahead of your peers and win over customers, by providing them with the best customer support on your website.

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