We believe in getting you results through a full spectrum of Marketing services from Strategic Planning to Creative Campaigns and Innovative Development.


Content Marketing

Are you Content with your Content Marketing?

Here at Webfries, we believe content should appeal not just to search engines, but to people – the end users who will read your content. This is why we believe in the creation of high-quality digital content that works across several mediums. With a team of highly-experienced copywriters, editors, bloggers from across industries, we prove again and again, that the “Pen is mightier than gimmicky ads.”


Search Engine Optimization

Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

90% – The number of searchers who check only the first page of search engine results

75% – The number of searchers who don’t go beyond the first 5 results

40% – The number of searchers who click on the top-ranked page



A strategy is a designed action for the single purpose of accomplishing goals. At Webfries, our thinking process is defined by your measure of success. To reach those goals, we leverage a combination of our technical and creative prowess that spans the globe. In doing so, we are able to provide diverse concepts through our process, delivering a strategy that will get you the results.


Design & Development

Expert in Website/Mobile App Design & Development Services

Monetize websites/mobile apps, increase traffic and generate revenues. Any business needs a well-designed website/Apps if it is to stand in competition and forge ahead. We are a Website/App design and development company in Gurgaon providing total website/App design services to help you forge ahead and stay on top.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click service is the most cost-efficient method of all online marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your website, thereby boosting growth and sales. We at Webfries offer you a full-range PPC services to help you achieve your business goals quickly and above all, cost-effectively.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the New-Age Word of Mouth. You have to get your A-Game on it, to Win it.

Social media is a tremendous opportunity to market your products/services. The number of people using social media has exponentially increased in recent years. Social media optimization is the current trend in this digital era. It helps to raise awareness and publicity for your business. Getting the attention of your target audience becomes easy with the help of social media. Webfries offers professional social media optimisation for businesses of all sizes.


Data and Analytics

We help you make sense of your Digital Marketing Data, eliminating the “noise,” and Get the Info that you need.

We, at Webfries, analyze your marketing data and present you with nuggets of information to help you make smart decisions.


Personal Branding

“Promote your Strengths. And remind the world, why you’re special and why they should do Business with you.”

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a mid-level employee, or a politician, you’re your best advocate. However, having been raised in a conventional society, we are kind of uncomfortable, when it comes to “Tooting our Own Horn.” But, believe us, to survive in today’s hyper-competitive workplace, you have to do more than just that.


YouTube Marketing


If you thought viral clips and cooking videos are all that YouTube has to offer, then you’re wrong. Take the case of viral sensation, “Dinchak Pooja” (If you don’t know her, here’s a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frw6uu3nonQ. From being just another selfie obsessed teenager, she became a viral sensation, with no skills to speak of and earned millions of subscribers overnight. That’s the power of YouTube for you.

It has firmly emerged as a dedicated video marketing channel that you can utilize to the benefit of your business.

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