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Checklist of roles you can’t ignore in any Successful Web Development Project

I am a diehard fan of cricket while growing up in school and during college days I was an active participant in the ‘Team’. It took me no time to understand it’s a team sport and single-handed I can do limited things. To get the best results, a culmination of team best effort only can deliver the results which are good and on a consistent basis. If everything is on the shoulder of one person or its expected single person will yield results for the team always-I would have been living in the fairy’s world. When I stepped into the corporate world, I realized again it’s a team effort that makes your company and you a winner. Better the team, better are the results expected. And you need a leader giving the right direction to the team.

The same fundamental applies to the web development job as well. A lot of the potential visitors ask us why you need a team when only a developer can do the job. We tell them the ultimate Results are the differentiators. A few basic roles which are required in any web development and designing projects are briefed below. These roles can have a thin line in between however on a broader level they are different from each other.

#1 Project Manager

The project Manager is generally spearheading the team. He/ she is the one setting the clear expectation for each team member, set the timelines and roles. Once the project starts rolling over, the project manager takes care that the project remains on track and if it’s slowing down on some part how to get the extra resources and put the things as per the timelines defined. It’s a thankless job a lot of times. Project Manager is the interface between the client and the team. Communication skills are quite important for this profile.

Without a Project Manager, it can be a situation where a ship is sailing without a Captain. It’s sailing but may not be in the right direction and speed.

#2 UX expert

As a first touchpoint, UI experts should get involved to understand what message should come out from the design. What do the Target end-users want to see and most importantly where on the web page? They are the ones who create wireframes for the new site.

#3 Content Writer

This part is most often ignored. Content is generally picked up on an ad-hoc basis which can put the site in poor light, Content has become a very important piece in the website development project. It is recommended that content is taken care of by the Specialists who have experience of writing the correct English and can modulate the tone of language as per the requirement of the site. Content written by them should be persuasive so that visitors feel like reading it and create a very positive impression of the company.

#4 Web Designer

Once the wireframes are provided by the UX specialist, it is the responsibility of Web designers to make the mock-ups and web pages (sometimes this is taken care of by Web Developer). Their role is very important as this bit makes or breaks the UI of the website. What colors, characters, fonts, etc. is to be used is taken care of by Web designer.

#5 Web Developer

Web Developer builds the website. They are the coders who build the site up for you.

#6 Digital Marketer

For the long term success of the website, the role of Digital marketers is quite significant. Their role starts after the website is launched. They have the responsibility to increase the traffic on site and convert visitors into customers.

As briefed, it’s a team effort that makes your website a winner. If you are planning to outsource this responsibility of web development to some agency, we can be the right choice for you. For any web development and web designing job in Gurgaon, you can contact us at www.webfries.com and +91 124-4382-633.



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