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How to create an Awesome UX on E-Commerce platform?

The Internet world is full of E-commerce platforms now, the majority of products and services have started selling on the digital world. The importance of it doesn’t need any mention. Packed space doesn’t mean that tricks of the trade are very common. It still takes a lot from the designer and developer to come up with great results and create a unique identity in the domain. There are multiple things considered while developing an e-commerce site right from design, development, keeping it safe and secure, rugged hosting, etc. These silent features make your website speak loud in the cluttered market and ultimately making you a winner.

In this article, we have covered some prime features which you must incorporate in the website you are planning next. Basic parameters like keeping it attractive, ease of use and navigation which are must-have is not covered below and considered its already taken care of.

#1 Does it load lightning fast?

Before the launch, make sure your website is loading really quickly (> 3 secs) on the test server, once live end-users will love it, google will love it. There are multiple online tools to run the page load test. This is one factor that must be considered very seriously. End users check the site on phone, though 4G is there however majority still is checking on EDGE (2G). Make it quick, quicker or preferably quickest.

#2 Play intelligently and capture Frequently asked questions in a separate section

FAQ section is a great way of improving the overall customer experience. Most of the customer support related topics can be covered in it. For any small query, the user wouldn’t reach out to you.

#3 Mobile, mobile everywhere

These days’ major sales are happening on mobile phones, people are doing the purchase by visiting the sites on their smartphone devices. Keep the site responsive making it easy for the consumers to visit your site and do the seamless purchasing.

#4 Customer Reviews

Consumers make up their mind after checking the reviews and ratings about the product, it makes their life easier. So many choices are available, to make the informative decision it plays an important role. It’s imperative to get all sorts of reviews outstanding to worst, its

#5 Keep the Exit point simple

Maintain simplicity at the checkout, yet it should remain very secure. Don’t keep any unnecessary things on this page. Experience which is created during the buying journey should not falter at this last leg.

#6 Product Photos

“Jo dikhta hain, who biktaa hain” – end users create a perception about the quality of the product by checking out the pics. It is of utmost importance that optimum sized images be used to showcase the product. The very high-resolution raw image will make the page heavy hence use the optimum one. The different perspective images will do wonders for it.

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